Who Could Team Up With The Monster Among Men?

With WrestleMania just days away we are all wondering who could Braun Strowman’s partner be?

I have heard many upon many names who the monster among men could be teaming up with. Let’s go through the most notable names that have been heard all over the web repeatedly.

Samoa Joe:
Joe is coming back from a foot injury that he suffered early January on Raw and WrestleMania totally fits in with this time line for his comeback, and what better comeback than the grandest stage of them all!

Elias and Braun had a very heated rivalry that took place in February and March this year was memorable for the humorous moments within some of the goofiness pre-and mid match. But could Elias be the one that Braun chooses? Elias doesn’t have much going on for “The Super bowl of Professional Wrestling”, Could this be his way into it?

Hulk Hogan:
This is one of the names I heard the least, but this is WrestleMania which Hogan helped build. After being dropped from WWE all together after saying the “N” word on tape and then it being released. I know Braun needs to find a partner to compete in the match but I am not sure if Kurt Angle said anything after WrestleMania if not than Hogan would be a great choice.

Alexa Bliss:
This is probably the stupidest one I have heard, yes Team Little Big did go far in Mixed Match Challenge but little Ms. Bliss does have a match with her ex best friend Nia Jax. Do I think it would be a great addition to the match? Uh YEA! But she does have her own belt to worry about so I think this is the dumbest one I have heard.

Big Cass:
After tearing an ACL in August, he was looking at 9 months and that 9 months ends in April. I think it totally could be possible with the great surgeons the WWE uses and after not capitalizing on his win over Big show that this could be a great return, and totally unexpected.

Big Show:
The last one is always the biggest choice in my opinion, Big Show is a veteran in the locker room and would be my favorite choice due to the fact they would be an unstoppable force in the tag team division. And on the wrestling side it would be great to get a veteran giant with Braun to teach him stuff he may not know and to have a mentor.

But Sunday April 8th we will find out who his partner will be, it may not even be someone I have listed but these are who I have heard and are most notable. I think there are great choices like Big show, Big Cass, and Samoa Joe. There are too many people it could be that aren’t listed, no matter who it is I think it’ll be a good choice for Braun.


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