Jeff Hardy To Be Sent To WWE Sponsored Rehab Before Being Able To Return?

On the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discusses Jeff Hardy’s arrest for DWI over the weekend, and suggests that WWE may make Jeff Hardy complete rehab before he is allowed to return on the road with the company due to his prior track record.

“So Jeff Hardy, we talked about this last night, he got a DUI. What happened was that he crashed his car , his car veered off the road. Obviously with Jeff it’s a pretty bad deal because of his track record. With Jey Uso in January, he got a DUI and for the most part nothing happened to him. He was pulled from an appearance and there were little things but The Uso’s weren’t buried. They didn’t take the belts off them. They didn’t do anything publicly to them and they didn’t even acknowledge it really, but that was a first time offense and there wasn’t a crash involved. This has a crash involved. It’s Jeff Hardy and he blew a 0.25 on his breathalyzer, which is pretty bad. Sometimes there are a lot of different double standards based off if you like a guy or if you don’t like a guy, and Jeff Hardy is one of those guys that pretty much everybody likes. He’s been around for a long time, he works really hard, he started as a kid, he beats to a different drum and all that. He doesn’t seem like he’s a harmful guy. That’s the reputation that he kinda has. The problem is – You know he’s had issues, on and off for years, and years, and years. I think that in this case – that 0.25 thing, and the crash, and the fact that he is a guy who has a felony record on drug charges from several years ago.. he has two strikes on his WWE thing. I think that WWE pretty much, and I don’t know how they are going to handle it, but I think they pretty much have to send him to rehab.”

Meltzer when on to add that with Jeff Hardy’s long track record and having prior felonies for substance abuse, that it would be good for everyone involved for him to complete rehab before they put him back on the road.

“I don’t think there is any question about this. I think it’s the only thing they do if they want to use him. I mean, they can do they can do whatever they want obviously, but for the good of him and everyone in the company, first thing is to get him healthy. I mean, him coming back and wrestling right now, and putting him back on the road.. if he didn’t drive that’s one thing, but he did and he did crash. If there was no track record, and this was a first time thing, but this is a long, long track record. With a lot of these guys you really want to hope that they are clean, and more often than not, they’re not. When you hear that they are, there are certain guys where people have gone and said over and over again they’re clean, they’re clean… and when I ask around, they’re not. With Jeff, you want to believe that Jeff is clean. You want to believe that Matt is clean. Matt actually tweeted something about it. Which I was kinda surprised about – basically saying he was clean. It was almost like, WOW! I don’t know what he was thinking in doing that, but nevertheless it’s not a big deal as Matt isn’t the issue here. Jeff is the issue. But I really think they need to put him in rehab before thinking about bringing him back.”


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What do you guys think? Do you think that WWE should hold off on Jeff Hardy’s return until he completes a rehab program? Drop us your thoughts in the comments section below.