Reason For Recent WWE NXT Developmental Talent Releases

As was previously reported WWE released NXT Developmental Talents Abbey Laith and Sage Beckett this week. At the time it was not known the reason for their release from the company. However now a little more insight is known as to the reasons for their termination.

PWInsider is reporting that the reason the two were released from the company was just a case of WWE making talent cuts, and that there was no heat on either of them backstage.

The belief is that WWE has just too much talent in their developmental system right now, with many other independent talents knocking on the door who all have something to offer the company. WWE now feels that with the depth of talent currently in developmental that if a talent isn’t showing any signs of progress or upward mobility for an extended period of time, that they will become expendable and be released. Such was the case with both Abbey Laith, and Sage Beckett.


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