DEFIANT – Chain Reaction 2018 Results – 2/18/18

DEFIANT Wrestling – Chain Reaction 2018

Bowlers Exhibition Centre
Manchester, England
February 18th, 2018

Singles Match
Zack Gibson defeated Rampage

Singles Match
Drake defeated Amir Jordan

Singles Match
Gabriel Kidd defeated Jurn Simmons

Tag Team Match
The Prestige (David Starr & El Ligero) defeated Chris Brookes & Mike Bailey

No Disqualification Tag Team Match
The South Coast Connection (Ashley Dunn & Kelly Sixx) defeated The Hunter Brothers (Jim Hunter & Lee Hunter)

Defiant Women’s Title Match
Millie McKenzie defeated Kay Lee Ray (c) – TITLE CHANGE !!!

Winner Takes All Elimination Ten Man Tag Team Match
Team Defiant (BT Gunn, Martin Kirby, Primate, Rampage & Travis Banks) defeat Team IPW:UK (Austin Aries, Kyle Fletcher, Mark Davis, Mark Haskins & No Fun Dunne)

– Kyle Fletcher eliminates Primate
– Rampage eliminates Kyle Fletcher
– Martin Kirby eliminates NO Fun Dunne
– Mark Davis eliminates BT Gunn
– Austin Aries eliminates Travis Banks
– Martin Kirby eliminates Austin Aries
– Mark Haskins eliminates Martin Kirby
– Rampage eliminates Mark Davis
– Rampage eliminates Mark Haskins