Several Changes Expected Once WWE Makes All PPV’s Dual-Branded

As has been previously reported there is speculation that WWE is planning to drop the single branded PPV’s making them all dual-branded going forward after WrestleMania 34. Due to this change, several other key changes are expected to be made. It was mentioned earlier this week that these “B” rated PPV’s may all be extended to 4 hours long, as well as seeing more multi-person matches featured on the card.

On today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s change from single to dual-branded PPV events. He speculated that because of this we will be seeing a lot more multi-person on WWE’s “B” rated pay-per-view events.

“I got a feeling that once they start doing these dual branded pay-per-view shows, we’re going to be getting so many multiple person matches and I know actually when it gets down to it, when it comes down to these multiple person matches they usually book them pretty well and usually are entertaining.”

“I think we will be getting all kinds of multiple person matches left and right. Watch New Japan and [you] get nothing but those tag matches. WWE is going to be nothing but multiple person matches.”