News & Notes About Last Night’s Royal Rumble PPV And First-Ever Women’s Rumble match

PWInsider is reporting that WWE made several production changes to last night’s 2018 Royal Rumble PPV Event. While it’s said that the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match was always scheduled to go last as the Main Event, the order of the rest of the matches kept changing throughout the day Sunday.

Speaking of the Women’s Royal Rumble Match, many of the female WWE Superstars booked for the match were only used because the company felt they wanted the match to be a celebration of sorts for all the women who have helped build the Women’s Division to what it is today. While some of the women were booked weeks ago, others weren’t booked until last Monday at RAW 25.

While Molly Holly had publicly denied reports of being involved in the match, she was actually one of the first women booked for the match, being booked shortly after the official announcement of the match.