NJPW WRESTLE KINGDOM 12 Complete Live Results – 1/4/18

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship Match
Marty Scurll (c) vs. Hiromu Takahashi vs. Kushida vs. Will Ospreay

The Match begins and Scurll immediately bounces to the outside and will let the others fight it out to start. Ospreay rocks Takahashi. Ospreay with a quick pin attempt on KUSHIDA, Scurll jumps in to breaks it up, and bounces back to the outside. Scurll does it again before finally getting into the match.

Scurll and Takahashi in the ring now, Scurll stomps his fingers and drop kicks him back to the floor. Superkick from the apron on Takahashi. Ospreay and Scurll are now on the second rope. KUSHIDA connects with a handspring kick. KUSHIDA with a crazy senton all the way outside to the floor.

Action on the floor, Ospreay climbs up the stage structure and hits a moonsault off it taking out all three of his opponents!

Action finally back inside the ring, Ospreay off the top rope and is caught in mid arm with a cross arm breaker.

Scurll stomps the fingers again, hits a tornado DDT, Scurll holds on and goes for crossface chicken wing. KUSHIDA comes in and also locks in a submission. Scurll let’s go and connects with a thrust kick to KUSHIDA’s head. Scurll now connecting with some nasty kicks on KUSHIDA. Ospreay jumps in and takes out the champion. The pace of this match is fast and furious, everyone takes shots at landing some big clotheslines. Now everybody is down on the mat.

All four start swinging at each other on the mat over and over again. Ospreay tries for Oscutter, but is caught in crossface chicken wing in midair. KUSHIDA drops in from out of nowhere and breaks up the submission attempt.

Huge running release overhead throw by Takahashi on KUSHIDA right into the corner.

Takahashi and KUSHIDA up top, Takahashi gets his head tucked in the corner, and is kicked in the face by Ospreay. KUSHIDA kicked as well. Scurll gets his head tucked in the corner, and meets the same kick to the face from Ospreay. Ospreay heads to the top rope, gets caught in midair by Scurll. Scurll goes for his own Oscutter, hits it, pin attempt.. NO! Takahashi breaks up the pin.

Scurll goes to the outside and tapes Takahashi’s arm to the barricade. While he has him immobilized Scurll ends up snapping the fingers on his other hand.

Ospreay, KUSHIDA, Scurll are all on the second rope now, and somehow KUSHIDA ends up snapping Scurll’s fingers. Avalanche cross armbreaker from KUSHIDA on Ospreay! DAMN! Ospreay is close to breaking the hold by getting to the ropes but he gets pulled away.

Triangle lock, Ospreay able to pick up KUSHIDA and buckle bomb him. Scurll on the outside now, he is back inside, Scurll grabs a huge amount of powder and throws it into the face of KUSHIDA.

KUSHIDA with a back to the future, into a pinfall attempt! Ospreay is able to break the count. Takahashi is finally back in the ring, he lands a sunset bomb on Ospreay and Scurll to outside and onto the floor!

Takahashi and Scurll are back into the ring. Takahashi hits the time Bomb, but Scurll kicks out! Scurll with a Chicken wing counter, and now a super kick. Takahashi gets kicked in the back of the head by Ospreay. Scurll and Ospreay attack with multiple kicks to Takahashi.

Ospreay nearly catches Scurll with an Oscutter, into a very awkward looking double team Tombstone on Ospreay. Missile dropkick from Takahashi on Ospreay, here comes a pin, and only a two count.

OH SHIT! A death valley driver on the apron to Scurll. KUSHIDA with a sunset bomb to Takahashi. Here comes Ospreay with a shooting star press to the floor taking out both Scurll and KUSHIDA. JESUS! This is getting insane! Super fast pace now.

The champion is thrown into the ring, Ospreay up to the top rope inverse 450 splash!!! WOW! Into a pinfall… and a kick out! Crowd HUGE at the end of that flurry. Another attempt at an Oscutter, but again no good. However a clothesline quickly puts him down. A Time bomb connects, but Scurll pulls the referee out breaking the count and the crowd goes nuts.

Scurll back in the ring with the umbrella and starts hammering everyone. Ospreay with the Oscutter out of nowhere on Scurll, here’s the cover. AND THAT DOES IT! NEW CHAMP.

Winner: Will Ospreay via Pinfall to win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship

IWGP IC Title Match coming up next..