NJPW WRESTLE KINGDOM 12 Complete Live Results – 1/4/18

Cody vs Kota Ibushi is next.

Cody and Brandi coming out. Brandi talking lots of trash to the camera on her way out. Looking super hot too.


Cody vs. Kota Ibushi

Ibushi getting the best of Cody to start the match off. Cody gives Ibushi the middle finger. Ibushi sends Cody out to the floor and hits a dive landing on both Cody and Brandi. Brandi is down, she is out cold, Ibushi goes and checks on her, he picks her up and Cody clocks him right in the face. Ibushi ends up dropping Brandi again.

Cody throws Ibushi into the ring and goes to check on his wife, Brandi and Cody start laughing, it was a rouse. Bahaha

Brandi grabs a chair, she brings it to Cody, the she pulls the referee away. Cody with a couple chair strikes on Ibushi. He goes for another one, but the ref see him. Cody goes for it anyway, but misses. Ibushi with a big baseball slide and then a moonsault off the top rope in the corner. Whoa, that was awesome.

Action is back into the ring, big kick on Cody by Ibushi. He connects with a standing moonsault hits, goes for the pin, two count. Cody getting some encouragement from Brandi. Cody now out on the apron, both men trade suplex attempts. Ibushi goes for another, but Brandi grabs his foot. Both wrestlers now out on the apron, Cody almost gets a piledriver, blocked, counter blocked, another attempt blocked, Cody counters, hits cross rhodes down to the floor! JESUS CHRIST Ibushi lands right on his neck/head. Looked NASTY!

Referee starts the 20-count on Ibushi. Ibushi is finally able to get in at 19 just before being counted out! Ibushi looks to be out of it, Cody tries to pick him up and he just falls to the mat, ref goes and checks on him. Cody puts Ibushi up on the top rope, and Cody with a springboard hurricanrana! Cody goes for the pin, two count!

Ibushi now on the second rope, Cody kicks the rope, goes for a Cross Rhodes attempt, but it’s countered, Ibushi with a lawn dart right into the corner on Cody. WOW! Back and forth strikes, palm strike now by Ibushi, Last Ride Powerbomb connects, pinfall attempt, two count only.

Cody recovers and hits a lariat that drops Ibushi. Cody goes for the disaster kick, but nope he misses. Cody is kicked by Ibushi, straight jacket german suplex by Ibushi on Cody, pin attempt… only a two.

Huge knee to the face by Ibushi! Ibushi climbs up to the top rope HERE IT COMES…. IBUSHI hits the phoenix splash! COVER! Pin on Cody! Wow, awesome match by these guys.

Winner: Kota Ibushi via Pinfall