NJPW WRESTLE KINGDOM 12 Complete Live Results – 1/4/18

And we are live again, with the video intro package for WK12.

Our first match of the night will be for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships.

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match
Roppongi 3K w/ Rocky Romero (c) vs. The Young Bucks

The first team out are The Young Bucks, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson

Out next are the champs, Poppongi 3k, SHO & YOH along with Rocky Romero.

Matt and YOH start the match. Here we go with some taunting, Matt with an early superkick attempt, misses. YOH tries for a sharpshooter on Nick, now Matt locks in a sharpshooter on SHO. Matt and YOH start slapping each other while holding the submission. Matt yells at YOH asking what he’s doing. Rope break. Double atomic drops/dropkicks on the Young Bucks. Announcers saying biggest crowd for this event in over 15 years. SHO lifts his partner and YOH double kicks Matt in the corner. Stereo flips to the outside by Roppongi 3K.

YOH selling a back injury after taking suplex on the apron from Nick . Nick and Matt have cornered Romero on the stage, superkick to the face. Matt with a running powerbomb on the ramp. “Goodnight, Rock!”. BOOM! Huge spot there.

Back to the ring, Young Bucks are in control. Matt with an apron bomb on YOH. Matt charges YOH, who ducks him, sending Matt crashing down on the floor. Matt gets back in the ring, and tags in Nick. Nick works on YOH some more. Matt comes in with a bad back but hits a backbreaker on YOH. SHO breaks it up. Nick hits another backbreaker, then throws him to the outside. Matt tries for piledriver on the rampway, but gets a back body drop onto the ramp instead.

SHO finally tagged back in and he goes to work on Nick. Connects with a hurricanrana followed up by a clothesline in the corner. Multiple kicks to the body and face, pin attempt, only a two. SHO with a suplex on Matt, then a double suplex on both Young Bucks! HOLY SHIT!

Nick with two superkicks, but YOH recovers and hits a superkick of his own. Backcracker and one-legged drop kick by YOH and SHO. Nick counters out of 3k with a tornado DDT. Nick connects with a spinning kick on YOH. Here comes a huge lariat, takes out Nick and everybody is down. Matt and YOH are the legal men, both selling their bad backs. Matt tries for a powerbomb, finally gets it, and Nick also connects with a kick. HOLY SHIT!! HUGE DDT/Swanton combo, pin, two!

Matt now has a sharpshooter locked on YOH in the middle of the ring. YOH looks like he’s going to tap, but he crawls quickly to the bottom rope breaking the hold. Going for “More bang for your buck”, but Matt needs help lifting his guy. Matt Jackson nearly pinned, Two count. Single-leg crabs locked in on both Young Bucks. Matt tries to tap but Nick holds his hand keeping him from tapping.

Nick rolls over and kicks SHO into YOH to break up the submission. SHO and Nick start kicking each other’s partners in the back repeatedly. Nick with a superkick sending SHO to the outside. Nick with a crazy corkscrew senton to the floor.

Matt and YOH in the ring, Superkick connects, YOH makes it back into the ring, but can’t get up. Meltzer Driver! Nick locks in a sharpshooter. YOH taps. YOUNG BUCKS WIN! 7 TIME CHAMPIONS!

Winners: Young Bucks via Submission to win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship