NJPW WRESTLE KINGDOM 12 Complete Live Results – 1/4/18

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match
Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Tetsuya Naito

Naito out first..

Here comes Okada.

Crowd is still pretty hot as the bell sounds, announcers saying it sounds pretty split in terms of who they support. Okada wearing long trunks for this match a bit of a change up from his usual ring gear.

Naito starting things off slow. They work towards the ropes, and a break. Naito initially backs off then kicks Okada hard in the stomach.

Plenty of back and forth action now.

Naito goes tranquilo for a moment in the ring, but then bails out of the ring slowing the pace of the match down. Naito fakes betting back into the ring a few times. he finally decides to get in. Naito finds himself up on the top turnbuckle and gets drop kicked off, and goes crashing down all the way to the floor.

Naito and Okada fight outside on the floor. They fight towards the barricade. Naito catches Okada and connects with a stiff neck breaker on the barricade.

Naito climbs back into the ring. Red Shoes starts the 20-count, Okada gets back in the ring around five. Naito with a running missile dropkick on Okada in the corner and he stomps away at the champion in one fluid motion as he falls to the mat down in the corner.

Naito continues to focus on the neck of Okada, he lands another neckbreaker and then follows it up with low dropkick again to the neck of Okada. Okada finally starts to put together some offense, eventually connecting with a DDT and lands a couple back elbows on Naito.

Naito rolls to the outside to regroup. Okada slides out on the opposite part of the ring, he runs around the ring and hits a running big boot to the face of Naito.

Okada drapes Naito across the barricade and hits a hanging DDT on the floor. The action makes its way back to the ring, and Naito gets in a few moves before Okada scoops Naito up and drops Naito’s neck down hard over his knee. Okada heads to the top rope and with a beautiful elbow drop on Naito.

He then calls for the rainmaker, but Naito is able to elbow his way out of it. But he is unable to escape, and Okada locks in the cobra clutch. Naito is finally able to get to the ropes with his leg and break the hold. Naito heads to the corner, he dodges Okada, and lands another neckbreaker on the champion. Naito lifts Okada up and places him on the second rope, he connects with a POISON RANA! Pin attempt, two count only!

Naito back on the attack, he lands aside slam on Okada. Naito up for the stardust press, but he misses. Both wrestlers are down now. Back and forth strikes, Naito with a bunch of forearms to the face. Okada with a running missile dropkick. Flying forearm by Naito, just back and forth offense at the moment.

Both me end up on the second rope. Okada with forearms to Naito’s face, and he gets sent to the mat. Okada now hanging on the ropes, waiting, and he goes for a huge missile dropkick and misses. OUCH! He lands hard on that one. Naito now goes to the top. But Okada stops him, Naito is trying to hold on, but Okada connects with a rainmaker! Pinfall attempt! Only a two count!

Okada now looking for the tombstone piledriver.. but Naito is able to get out of it.

We’re about 30 minutes into the match now.

Naito with a step-up enziguri, but he misses. Okada with locks in another cobra clutch on Naito. But outta nowhere Naito connects with Destino! He covers! But he can’t get the pin, Okada kicks out.

Both swing weakly away at each other while down on the mat, they fight their way back up. Now they are both standing, more back and forth strikes. Okada is starting to fade. OHHH DAMN! Naito just slapped the hell out of Okada! Okada drops. He falls to the ground and slowly crawls towards the corner. Naito charges in, but he gets scooped up, however he counters with a spinning hurricanrana. Naito attempts the Destino again, but it’s countered into a rainmaker!

Okada holds the wrist though he never lets go. Both men back up. Naito looks for another attempt and yes he hits Destino on Okada! Here’s the cover! 1-2-no! That was really really close.

Naito calls for it again, but he gets an elbow to the face instead. Enziguri by Naito. Now ad dropkick by Okada. Back and Forth Back and Forth, that has been the story of the match so far. More individual strikes by both competitors, back and forth some more. WOW.

Okada looks for the tombstone piledriver… he has it.. and he and hits it! The champion lifts Naito back up, he has him up and no rainmker! Countered by Naito! He hits the destino once! He goes for it twice- no! Into a spinning tombstone by Okada! Okada grabs him, here it comes… Rainmaker!!

The force completely flips Naito inside out… Okada covers… 1-2-3! IT’S OVER! OKADA RETAINS!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada via Pinfall to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Championship