Al Snow Talks About The Biggest Problem In Wrestling Industry Today, Getting Over In WWE, Using That Platform, And More

Former ECW & WWE Superstar, as well as IMPACT Wrestling Star, Al Snow was recently a guest on The Steve Austin Show on Podcast One. During the show Snow discussed with Austin what he thinks about “getting over” in WWE, and what he thinks about one of the biggest problems currently in the industry – the guaranteed contract.

Snow goes on to explain that the downside to having a guaranteed contract in today’s business is that once a wrestler has it, it is something that they are afraid to lose. Snow believes that today’s wrestlers aren’t out there performing to make themselves attractions or to “get themselves over”, but rather that wrestlers today play it safe in fear of losing their contract, or upsetting anyone or bring heat on themselves that might cost them their job. Snow continues by saying that if a wrestler can use that WWE platform to get themselves over, even if they end up being fired from the company, that they can still go out and make a lot of money elsewhere, utilizing that to get over and reinvent themselves for Vince McMahon to eventually bring back again. Snow uses Matt Hardy’s current situation within the company as a prime example.

You can check out the entire episode of The Steve Austin Show with guest Al Snow embedded in the video below: