TOP 10 Women Wrestlers Of 2017

Let’s face it. . .

2017 was not a great year for anyone, aside from a few things – in which case is the advent of women’s pro wrestling taking a turn! I mean, how bad ass is it that we now have the first women’s Royal Rumble match?! No matter how bad 2017 could or might have been, women’s wrestling has evolved into something amazing and beautiful. Even with the Netflix show “GLOW” (Glorious Women Of Wrestling), and I am really sorry Naomi does not make this list (Sadface 🙁 ) despite her efforts and being from my home town, we are seeing just how difficult the behind-the-scenes action may become and how intense these situations get. Now, WWE will dilute this with “reality television” like Total Dives (..Divas?) …But let’s look at who works the best shows whilst still lookin gooood!