Latest News On Vince McMahon’s XFL Related Trademarks

As we have previously reported Vince McMahon and his new “Alpha Entertainment LLC”, as well as WWE, have been applying for trademarks that are XFL related as well as other football related projects.

PWInsider has recently reported that the term “XFL”, which was applied for by Alpha Entertainment, will likely not have any movement until the middle of March 2018. The report notes that there is a 90 day wait period for all new trademark applications.

Now it was also reported that other football related trademarks were applied for by McMahon, and Alpha Entertainment, the trademark for “UFL” has been given an initial refusal, due to there being a pre-existing trademark application on the term already in play. The Urban Fitness League, a weightlifting and fitness centered organization, filed a trademark for the initials “UFL” back in January of 2017. So, unless VKM Ventures can prove that there will be any conflicts between the two entities, then they will likely not receive the trademark rights.

It should also be noted that the initial refusal for “UFL” included a request for goods and services to be amended in order to better provide and understanding for why the trademark has been applied for.

And finally, along with the trademarks McMahon applied for, the trademark for “United Football League” appears to be moving forward, despite an existing trademark attempted in 2010 by a different party.

You might remember there was a previous attempt at a professional football league called the United Football League that was in existence from 2009 until its demise in 2012. Mark Cuban was originally rumored to be a part of this league back in its conception, but backed out prior to its launch in 2009.