WWE RAW Results – 12/18/17

WWE present Monday Night RAW
Dunkin’ Donuts Center
Providence, RI

– Tonight’s show opens with Kurt Angle in the ring talking about the Universal Title Match at Royal Rumble, which brings out Strowman and Kane, followed by Lesnar & Heyman. Kurt makes it a triple threat for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble. Brock gets in the ring and the three men have a standoff in the ring. They scrum and it ends with Lesnar F-5’ing Kane. Lesnar makes it to the ramp as Kane sat up and stares back at Brock.

1. Seth Rollins defeated Jason Jordan. Samoa Joe come down to ringside for the match. Joe got knocked out by a Rollins superkick however. Rollins got the pin on Jordan after a ripcord knee. Following the match, Joe attacks Rollins, laying Seth out with a ura nage.

– Kurt Angle announces that Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Jason Jordan will face Samoa Joe and The Bar later in the show.

2. Finn Bálor defeated Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas in a handicapped match. Bálor got the wn by DQ when the Miztourage wouldn’t stop when the ref tried to break up the double-team on him. Dallas & Axel continued the attack on Balor until the Hideo Itami debuts making the save. This of course results in the rematch being restarted as tag team match playa’.

3. Finn Bálor and Hideo Itami defeated Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Hideo Itami pins Curtis Axel after connecting with a GTS.

4. Number One Contender Match for the Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander defeated Drew Gulak. Alexander won the match after catching Gulak with a Lumbar Check. Cedric Alexander will move on to face Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight Championship at the Royal Rumble.

5. Asuka defeated Alicia Fox. Asuka wins by submission when Fox taps after being locked in a cross-armbreaker.

6. Samoa Joe and The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) defeated The Sheild (Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose) and Jason Jordan. Ambrose was injured on a dive to the outside from Joe. Rollins catches a Brogue Kick and is pinned. Later in the show, The Bar and Joe attack Rollins and Ambrose backstage. Joe further injures Ambrose’s arm by slamming closed a WWE production cart.

– Matt Hardy played chess against a goldfish named Napoleon and wins. Then talks about The Great War and something about Bray Wyatt. It was… DEEEEELLLLLIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHTTTTTFFUUUUULLL!!

7. The Revival defeated Heath Slater & Rhyno. The Revival’s return to Raw follow Scott Dawson’s bicep surgery. The Revival wins after catching Slater with a Shatter Machine.

– We tried to walk with Elias, but were interrupted by Sasha Banks. Elias ties again then Mickie James interrupts. Elias runs game on the ladies, and we try to walk with Elias again, and then Bayley ruins it and interrupts. On his way out Bayley tries to get a hug from Elias but he walks on leaving her hanging and sad.

8. Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Bayley defeated Absolution (Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville) byt DQ. Absolution lost the match when they wouldn’t stop attacking Banks. Nia Jax eventually makes the save. The brawl leads to the entire Raw women’s division once again hitting the ring to attack Absolution.

Stephanie McMahon appears and gets control of the scrum. She makes a speach and announces the first women’s Royal Rumble match.