Impact Wrestling Star Grado’s Mother Passes Away

Impact Wrestling star Grado announced that his mother passed away yesterday.

Grado wrote the following tribute on his official Facebook page:

“After a long fight, my Mum passed away peacefully this morning. She was my biggest inspiration for everything I’ve ever done. I had to beg her to be in the first Insane Fight Club and I am glad she eventually gave in. I’ll never forget her watching the telly waiting on Eastenders coming on and the trailer for it appeared and they had used a clip of her moaning about seeing me getting skelped with a steel chair during a match and there being blood pouring everywhere. “GRAEME YOU GET DOON THIS STAIRS THE NOO, AM AFFRONTED”

Then at The Hydro when Al Snow asked me during the day if she would be up for getting involved in our match. I gave her a phone to get her thoughts. She was in the boozer with all my mates and shouted to everyone “HERE, Av to slap Al Snow the night!”. I had to bite my lip to stop me from peeing myself when it happened, her and My Dad steaming in the front row trying to leather Al Snow.

I am absolutely heart broken, she was my biggest fan. I hope I will continue to make you proud. #GradosMaw”