WWE Raw Live Results – 12/11/2017

Sorry for the delay ladies and gents…just walked in the door from work…

as i turned on the show i saw Mandy Rose and Paige of Absolution pull off a tag team victory over Bailey and Mickey James with Mandy Rose getting the pin for Absolution

Following the commercial break is another Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt trading barbs back and forth….

This is pure GOLD….these two are absolutely perfect for each other as they are feeding off each other and the crowd along with myself is eating it up…

Before the commercial…we are shown highlights of the Enzo pep talk last week to the Zo-Train in which the end of the pep talked involved Nia Jax giving Enzo a taste of his own medicine with a “How U Doin”…..following the highlights involves Enzo calling Zo Train member “Gaba- Gulak” and telling him to be prepared for anyone next week as he is facing the winner of the new Fatal Four way number one contender match that happens tonight…in naming a list of people to be prepared for he includes Nia Jax…showing that Nia has been on Enzo’s mind for at least the last week….the idiot Gaba Gulak didnt though Zo was telling him to be ready for anyone…..cough cough Hideo Itami possibly…..but we will see later tonight on Raw

Before the break….the “Over” Finn Balor is coming to the ring for his match for Miz-tourage member Curtis Axel

Following the break Curtis Axel….neckbrace and all is on his way to the ring, as he is getting in the ring he FINALLY takes off the neck brace and him and Bo attack Finn before the bell…..the referee has to check on Finn to make sure he is prepared for the match. He agrees and the match begins as Curtis Axel continues the onslaught. After an unsuccessful pin attempt and Finn kicks out at two, he gains the momentum with a hard chop to the check ala Rick Flair….hits Axel with a sling blade which causes Axel to grasp at his neck as he is laying on the canvas…..Finn climbs to the top rope and hits the “Coup de Grace” and gets the 1…2…3 pinfall victory

Following the break we get a promo from Kane as he prepares for his “Monster vs Monster” match tonight against the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman…..telling Braun he will drag Braun into the abyss as he will walk out of the ring victorious and will be the one that faces Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble

Following the Promo the music of the KingSlayer Seth Rollins hits as he is heading to the ring to face Sheamus with all other members of Shield and the Bar banned from ringside…..it is noted that Seth is still looking a little rough from the attack he sustained earlier from the Bar and Samoa Joe

as Sheamus is heading to the ring….Michael Cole notes that “all friends and teammates” are barred from ringside, as to which i am guessing that includes Samoa Joe as he has been in a heated battle with Roman Reigns trying to take his Intercontinental Championship title from him….

The KingSlayer has gained the early advantage and is beating Sheamus all around the inside and outside of the ring, but as the men get back into the ring Sheamus regains the momentum with a hard double-axhandle to the face and knocks Seth to his back…..as Sheamus is starting to beat on Rollins we get the patented “you look stupid” chant and it only seems to give Sheamus more motivation to beat on Rollins even worse

Sheamus is working on the off injured knee of Rollins and tries to go super saiyan in the corner but misses the kick and Rollins takes advantage with a jump kick to the head and then a slingblade, but only temporarily as Sheamus regains control as we go to commercial break

As Rollins is favoring his knee we get a snarky comment from Booker T about CrossFit…sometimes i feel like he really has no business doing color on a live tv show as he says the strangest things….who cares if Booker T likes CrossFit or not, as Corey Graves said “it seems to work just fine for Rollins”

we are back from break with Sheamus holding Rollins in a choke hold, talking crap saying “Come on Seth”…..Seth gets the chin buster to break the hold but Sheamus adjusts quickly and continues to work on the hurt knee of Rollins…after a little chain wrestling, Sheamus gets Rollins in his “Cloverleaf” submission maneuver. and after being in agony for over 90 seconds Rollins gets the break, Sheamus goes for a sidewalk slam and Rollins flips over…counters and hits Sheamus with a DDT and goes for the pin but Sheamus kick out at 2…with Sheamus on his knees Rollins hits him with a standing side kick to the head for another 2 count. As they get to their feet Sheamus again gains control and picks up Rollins from his knee and slams him into the turnbuckle….Rollins regains control and gets Sheamus with a superplex from the top rope….keeps hold of Sheamus and continues with a “Falcon Arrow” and gets another 2 count…Rollins goes for his finisher, some more chain wrestling, Sheamus goes for his Brogue kick, Rollins dodges it, hits Sheamus with a super kick, then hits his finishing knee to the jaw and gets the pinfall victory on one knee for the first of three matches between the Shield and The Bar/Samoa Joe as we still have Dean Ambrose vs Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns defending his Intercontinental Title against Cesaro as well tonight on Raw