Marty Jannetty Announces “I’ve Totally Got that RVD Thing Too”

Marty Jannetty confused a number of convention goers when he burst out in an explanation as to why he was no longer making appearances for WWE. The former Intercontinental Champion was a member of a panel of former wrestlers and had been asked about what he did after wrestling when he blurted out his vague and somewhat questionably worded announcement.


“Yeah, I can’t wrestle or they won’t let me.” he rambled. “Just like RVD, I’ve got that thing where I can’t or they won’t.”


After a moment of awkward silence, no one asked any followups and the questions moved on to Villano…..something or other. Sorry, there were like three Villanos on the panel. Jannetty quickly interrupted the luchador to add that he 100% did not have sex with the girl who isn’t his daughter.


*False Finish Headlines is satirical. Then again, so was the song “Photograph” and we all know how that turned out.