Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling Star Jasper Davis Charged With Murdering His Wife, Baby Discovered Left Home Alone

Reality of Wrestling Star Jasper Davis bas been charged with murder after a woman’s body is found and her baby discovered to be left home alone miles away.

According to local Houston area news station ABC 13 KTRK, late Thursday night Jasper Davis got into a fight with his wife and shot her.

After that Davis dumped her body in a nearby creek, whereafter he finished doing so he got stuck in same creek and attempted to call his dad for help, who never noticed anything. He also called a friend who arrived at the scene saw what was happening and declined to help instead calling the cops. Davis was eventually aided by his dad in getting the car out of the creek and was able to escape.

The cops were at his house waiting for him in the morning, when he arrived back at the scene of the crime he fled but was eventually apprehended. He had a 7 month old baby who  he and his wife left alone in the house while they went out according to the story.

Just a little background on Davis and his wrestling career. Most famously he is a two time ROW Heavyweight Champion and a two time ROW Tag Team Champion as part of the Alpha Unit with Cedric Pain as his partner in WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling Promotion.

I am so sorry to see another tragedy like this in the wrestling world. Myself and the staff at send our thoughts and prayers to the family of the victims in this rough time.

You can see the video from KTRK ABC 13 News in Houston, TX below:


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