Former WWE Star Austin Aries Says Impact Wrestling Reached Out Follow His WWE Release

Former WWE Superstar Austin Aries recently was a guest on X-Pac’s 1-2-360 Podcast and revealed that following his release from WWE, Aries was contacted by IMPACT Wrestling.

Aries said, “We had some talks, but really for me the only position I was interested in there, was the position of being a decision maker. I told Dixie when I left there I wouldn’t come back and work for anybody. But if I was going to come back there, that I had to be in a position to make a difference.”

Aries went on to say, “I know they just went through a big regime change, I know we had some discussion about be coming in there and possibly being part of the team. But I know where I am right now in my career, and all the possibilities I have in front of me. I really couldn’t invest myself emotionally into that because let’s be honest they have a lot of work to do there. They’ve done a lot of bad business over the years and they’ve got a lot to overcome, and I think the guys there know that and I wish them luck”

You can listen to the podcast in it’s entirety by clicking here.