WWE Finances Rise as Wall Street Reacts Positively to Planned Enzo/Nia Sex Tape

-Wall Street

Vince McMahon is now much richer after investors learned about one of the company’s plans going forward. The Enzo Amore/Nia Jax sorry has just started,  but those in the position to move and or shake in the financial world see great value in it. Plans call for a sex tape between the two wrestlers to “accidentally” be released early next year.


“Oh yeah we got Arn writing the script and Dunn on camera.” our source told us. “Its gonna be amazing. People are gonna act like they won’t watch,  but you’re gonna watch. You’re ALL gonna watch, dammit.”


No word from the company itself on the leaked news,  but WWE stock did dramatically rise this week and according to experts this idea represents a significant step forward for the much maligned WWE Creative Department.



*Disclaimer: False Finish is satirical. Don’t be that person.