Rumor Killer On Daniel Bryan Being Medically Cleared By WWE Doctors

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer shot down rumors today that WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has been medically cleared to return to in ring action. Over the weekend there had been numerous reports floating around that stemmed from a recent interview Brie Bella did on Lillian Garcia’s Podcast, where she said that Daniel Bryan was seeking clearance from WWE doctors to return to action after he had apparently been cleared by private doctors outside of the company.

When Meltzer was asked about the rumors on twitter he stated that as of a few days ago he had not been cleared to compete.

Meltzer went on to comment on “conspiracy theories” from fans that believe it is Vince McMahon who doesn’t want Bryan to return, he points out that it is not Vince who determines if talent is medically cleared for action but how that is the doctor’s decision.


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