Kevin Owens’ Wife Has Her Instagram Hacked – False Information Posted About Their Marriage

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens’ wife Karina posted a message today on social media saying that her instagram account had been hacked, and that the messages posted earlier claiming marital problems between her and Kevin were not true. Karina posted the following statement on the matter:

“You guys I saw all this not long ago, I got hacked. It’s very upsetting. None of this is true! Everything is good!! Kevin deleted his because someone tried to get into his, probably the same person who got into mine [angry face emoji]”

Kevin Owens also commented on the matter on his twitter account. Owens wrote, “Social media is an absolute cesspool. The way some people try and ruin people’s lives for no apparent reason is genuinely depressing. My Instagram is gone, again and now people are going after my wife too. It’s disgusting. Needless to say, I would never do this to my family.”

You can see Owens’ tweet below:


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