Radio Episode 305


This week on BoredWrestlingFan Radio, Joe and JT both get stood up – again.  Joe once again ends up at a local punk rock show.  Noyce finally manages to make a Sonic The Hedgehog reference on the show.  We discuss whether or not America is one giant food chain, in which we talk about DMX working at the Buffalo IHOP.  Joe gives reasons why he believes 2Pac is still alive.  We talk about Matt Hardy “breaking” on RAW, and how little else there was on the show.  Drow updates us on World Tag League.

In the news, Anthem backs off on preventing current and former talent from continuing to use their Impact characters elsewhere.  Longtime WWE music producer Jim Johnston released.  The Bludgeon Brothers lose their first names.  FloSlam shuts down.  The latest news on Impact contracts.  Bullet Club t-shirt sales numbers, John Cena sued by Ford, our Total Divas preview, and more!  Tune in!

BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 305 (MP3, 1:41:34)


This week’s Break Song was “My Ass 2/The Time Has Arrived”