Alpha-1 Wrestling: Final Act 8 – November 26th 2017 – Results

Matthew Terry welcomes the packed crowd to the Knights Of Columbus Hall, welcomes the packed crowd to Alpha-1 Wrestling and welcomes the packed crowd to… Final Act 8.

Match 1: Zero Gravity Title Match – Challenger, Shane Sabre V.S. Champion – “The Handicapped Hero”, Gregory Iron.

Gregory came out limping and holding an IV that was attached to his leg. He got on the mic, made a announcement and said he can’t wrestle due to a groin injury and he found a replacement. Sabre watched the curtain awaiting his replacement and nobody came out until Gregory Iron swerved ALL of us including Shane Sabre by attacking him from behind. Shane Sabre got a pretty quick spear on Gregory Iron for the 1, 2, 3 & now your NEW Zero Gravity Champion, “The Wrestling Jesus”, Shane Sabre.

Match 2: Last Man Standing Match – Mark Wheeler V.S. BoneCrusher Steve Brown.

Steve Brown came out 1st until Mark Wheeler came from behind and attacked him with a steel chair. Some good hardcore spots during the match. Mark hit him with a steel chair and he went outside of the ring. Ref counted to 10 and Mark won the match and is the LAST MAN STANDING! Steve Brown was hurt but NOT happy as well. 

Match 3: 4 Way Tag Team Showcase Match – The Besties In The World, Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett V.S. Big & Dirty – Dirty Rex Atkins & Brute V.S. The Meme Team – EZE Eric Cairnie & Jesse Bieber V.S. The Western Med Connection – Jim Nye The Science Guy & Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham.

Good match. It was pretty chaotic. In a TOTAL SHOCK, The Western Med Connection won this match. Fans were in SHOCK including me. Some fans of Dr. Dan. were chanting Dr. Dan and were happy they won. 

Match 4: Intergender Grudge Match – “The Godfather Of Alpha-1 Wrestling”, Alessandro Del Bruno V.S. Ms. Jade Chung. 

Del Bruno was being cocky – blow a kiss to the color commentator or someone else, 1 finger for the pin on Jade Chung to which she kicked out,etc. during this whole match but he got SERIOUS towards the end. It was 1 HELL of a match. Jade Chung did Josh’s roaring elbow on Del Bruno. Del Bruno won by pinfall, sadly. Jade can hang with the guys in Alpha-1 Wrestling.

Match 5: International Showdown – DJZ V.S. Gringo Loco.

It was supposed to be Jody Fiesch in this match but he had a knee injury during the Fatal 4 Way match featuring Jody & DJZ @ AIW last Friday night so Gringo Loco took his place. Jody was supposed to appear and addressed the crowd but he didn’t. What a MATCH! Fast-paced, exciting and lots of aerial lucha libre maneuvers as well. DJZ did pick UP the victory via pinfall. It was indeed 1 of the MATCHES OF THE NIGHT. 

Match 6: Triple Threat Match – Keith Lee V.S. “The REAL Ben Affleck”, Alex Daniels V.S. Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion.

Great Triple Threat match. Keith Lee is a BEAST. Saw him in person and he looks like a BEAST. Curt took advantage and pinned Alex Daniels for the 1, 2, 3 and he got the victory. After the match, Alex Daniels got on the mic and said that he is NOT going to retire and loves to come back to Alpha-1 Wrestling for the fans which got Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion pretty upset and attacked him from behind. Fans booed Curt heavily. Poor Alex Daniels here. 🙁 =(

20 Minute Intermission.

Match 7: Southside Wrestling Championship Match – Challenger, “Walking Weapon”, Josh Alexander V.S. “All Ego”, Ethan Page. Special Guest Referee: Cody Rhodes.

If Ethan Page wins, “The Walking Weapon”, Josh will NO longer be the GM – General Manager Of Alpha-1 Wrestling. Lots of hugging between “All Ego” Ethan Page & Cody Rhodes. Cody did called it right down the middle. Ethan Page retained the Southside Heavyweight Championship with a little assist from Cody Rhodes. After the match, the fans sang Goodbye to Josh. Cody raised Ethan’s hand in victory until Cody turn on him and attacked him from behind, got on the mic, decided to dissed Hamilton, Ontario Canada who he gave appraisal to,etc. Fans booed on Cody heavily and Ethan got on the mic afterwards saying that he got rid of The Virus/Josh Alexander and now he will prove that he is the STAR in 2 Stars. A NEW feud in the works between Cody Rhodes V.S. Ethan Page on the horizon. We shall see. 

Match 8: Over The Top Rope Rumble Match for the Outer Limits Title featuring Stokely Hathaway as the #1 entrant, PB Smooth, BMD – Brett Michael David, “The Bone Collector”, Dominic Garrini, Space Monkey, AJ Gray, Pat Monix, The Wild Boar, Cody Rhodes, just to name a few.

Don’t know the order of entrants tho? But Cody Rhodes was entered in this match until “All Ego”, Ethan Page came  in the ring and attacked Cody Rhodes and got him eliminated out of this match. They fought outside of the ring and in the back,etc. Space Monkey was the FINAL entrant until he got attacked by a masked entrant. The mysterious masked entrant was the winner of the Over The Top Rope Rumble. He got on the mic and removed his mask to be revealed as… Stokely Hathaway and is STILL the Outer Limits Champion.

Main Event: Fight For Survival Match for the Alpha Male Title: Challenger and 2017 King Of Hearts Winner, Rickey Shane Page V.S. Champion, Diamondtiger Kobe Durst. 

This was really… A FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL between the challenger, Rickey Shane Page & the Undefeated Alpha Male, Diamondtiger Kobe Durst… and for the Alpha Male Title as well. A wooden table, ladders and chairs… oh my! A superplex on the ladder from RSP to Kobe. Piledrivers galore from Kobe & RSP which they both kicked out of btw. The finish of the match was when RSP – Rickey Shane Page reversed powerbombed Kobe into the wooden table and pin him 1, 2, 3 and is your NEW Alpha Male Champion. The place went nuts. The Rickey Army was sitting front row and was extremely happy Rickey Shane Page wins the Alpha Male Title for the very 1st time. 

Overall, it was a pretty AMAZING show from top to bottom. Probably 1 of the best ALL around show I’ve seen in Ontario all year LONG. Nothing stale on the show, everything top level entertainment. They kept such a pretty good pace and time to these shows, 9 matches in just under 3 hours. Some matches were pretty short tho but that’s OK. The LAST Alpha-1 Wrestling show in Hamilton, Ontario Canada for this year, 2017. Next Alpha-1 Wrestling show is on December 17th in Oshawa @ The Polish Hall. 

NEW Alpha Male!
Alpha Male Champion.
Alpha-1 Wrestling: Final Act 8.
Me with DJZ.
Go Raptors!