Wrestling Fans Finally Kind of Okay with A Billy Gunn Main Event Push



The wrestling world was shocked when the mysterious “They” spoke up this week and announced that a Billy Gunn world title run would be welcome now. The anonymous person, speaking for all people, stated that at this point it really didn’t matter.


“We were probably a little hard on him, you know? He was perfectly serviceable after all. It’s not like he’s Swagger. Or Jinder. Or…look, it’s not even a big deal at this point. We’re mostly just here to boo you know who.”


Gunn (real name: William Pop Gunn III) couldn’t be reached for comment on the news as he is currently deep in the jungles of Peru on some kind of mission or whatever. I dunno man, who keeps track of where Billy Gunn is?


*Disclaimer: We’re satire at False Finish Headlines. Any accuracy is totally accidental and a little frightening.