WWE Smackdown Live 11/21/17 Results & Recap


– Shelton Benjamin defeated Jey Uso
– The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) defeated The Hype Bros (Rawley & Ryder)
– Smackdown Women’s Title Match: Natalya defeated Champion Charlotte
– Lumberjack Match: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn defeated New Day

Shane Takes a Walk of Shame to Discuss His Survivor Series Failure: Shane is dancing around for a guy that lost on the “only night the brands go head to head each year,” where he lost. He says they were close at Survivor Series, and Stephanie will try to spin things, but the aren’t the B show, I think losing at Survivor Series says different. He gives a pep talk and praises the roster, I think he’s gong to take them out for ice cream as well to make them feel better. He calls out Sami and Kevin, and they arrive. Kevin mocks him for being a failure and Sami says he always make excuses instead of apologizing. Kevin says he and Sami can beat anyone on any given night. They could have beaten team Raw by themselves, and they could have beaten Brock Lesnar. Kevin wants an apology. Shane says he’s the commissioner tonight and tells Kevin to shut up, because they have no respect for anyone in WWE or anyone on the Smackdown roster. Sami agrees with all of this. Shane teases firing them, but Kevin says they are too valuable, since everyone looks up to them and respects them. Sami claims that they are future hall of famers. Kevin says they are the top two stars in WWE. Shane calls them delusional and says all of Smackdown hates them. Shane goes to fire them, but Daniel Bryan arrives. He says Shane has every right to fire them, but asks that Shane puts his emotions aside. Sami and Kevin agree with him, but Bryan tells them to shut up. Bryan has an idea, since everyone hates them, and had to send Randy Orton home since he wanted to kill them, Bryan books Sami & Kevin vs. New Day. Sami calls bullshit and Bryan tells them to shut up. Bryan says the entire locker room will surround the ring for that match for a lumberjack match. Solid opening segment, but I felt Shane’s initial tone was way off, considering Smackdown lost, he was way too happy go lucky about it. I really think that Bryan should have laid into Shane for starting the war with Raw and ultimately losing.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Jey Uso: Gable & Jimmy are at ringside. They lock up and Jey lays in rights, but Benjamin hits a shoulder block. Jey quickly answers back with a back elbow. Jey lays n a right, heads up top but Benjamin hits a run up knee and Benjamin falls to the floor. We go screen in screen as they battle on the floor. They work back in and Benjamin lays in rights on Jey, beating him down in the corner. Benjamin continues to lay in strikes, and whips Jey to the buckles. Benjamin grounds the action, and then hits a spinebuster. Back to the chinlock by Benjamin as we go back to full screen. Jey battles back, lays in big rights and Benjamin is rocked. Jey counters the suplex, hits a pair of superkicks and then a Samoan drop. Jey follows with the corner ass attack, and Benjamin rolls to the floor. Gable cuts off the dive so Jimmy attacks him and they brawl. Benjamin back in, gets a roll up but then eats a superkick and Jey covers for 2. Gable distracts Jey, but Jey takes him out and he then misses the top rope splash; Benjamin hits pay dirt and covers for the win. Shelton Benjamin defeated Jey Uso. This was a pretty good opener, used to continue the issue between the teams until they rematch for the titles.

– Kevin and Sami try to get Baron Corbin on their side, and he refuses.

– They now try to recruit Bobby Roode, and he also refuses. He also reminds them that he owes them for Survivor Series.

– We get a Bludgeon brothers promo.

– Naomi gets her makeup done, but is upset Smackdown lost at Survivor Series. Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan arrive. They kick the shit out of Naomi, until Becky Lynch makes the save, but the numbers game gets to her and they beat her down. They trap her in a door and slam it on her repeatedly. BAH GAWD NXT IS INVADING! I like the new faces on the roster to freshen things up, but I question using three natural babyfaces as a heel unit. I think they could end up aligned with Carmella, but we’ll see. They took out Charlotte’s friends ahead of tonight’s title match. It also feels a bit too similar to what they did on Raw.

– Shane meets with Bryan and is questioning the moves he’s making without consulting him. Shane has had time to cool down and is going back to the hotel to relax and watch the show.

I value members of the #SDLive roster. I respect the men and women who compete every Tuesday night to make this show great. I’m looking forward to watching @FightOwensFight and @SamiZayn get some“quality time” with their fellow Superstars. #LumberjackMatch

Sounds like dodging responsibility to me.

The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) vs. The Hype Bros (Rawley & Ryder): Rawley and Rowan into begin, Harper attacks Ryder as the brothers run wild. They isolate Rawley, Harper slaps Rowan and throws him into Rawley before he hits a big boot. The double team crucifix slam finishes Rawley. The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) defeated The Hype Bros (Rawley & Ryder) @ 1:32 via pin [NR] This was a good squash, and exactly what it needed to be; total destruction for The Bludgeon Brothers. I’m not sold on the look (Harper in particular looks really odd in it), and despite several video packages, I have no clue what a Bludgeon Brother is outside of two big dudes speaking in rhymes, with nothing to do, dressing alike, and carrying hammers around.

– Natalya is interviewed. Natalya says Charlotte got lucky, but she will win her title back tonight. She will prove that she will be the champion forever tonight.

– We get highlights of Lesnar vs. Styles from Survivor Series.

AJ Styles Speaks: The crowd loves Styles. He wishes he could be celebrating after defeating Lesnar, but it didn’t go down that way. He hit Lesnar with everything, and the man is a beast like they say. Styles says he got messages of congratulations, and was like a real life Rocky. But you don’t get trophies for second place, but after the match, he wasn’t the one limping to the back. But just remember Brock, if you want to do it again, Rocky wins in the sequel. Styles says that Mahal claimed he would take the title from him tonight, so he gets ready and calls out Mahal. “Come down here and take it from me.” Mahal appears on the screen, and says he is too busy to come out. He’s watching Styles lose to Lesnar over and over again. Mahal claims Styles took advantage of him when he wasn’t ready, had he faced Lesnar, he would have won. Styles says he looks stupid, telling Mahal he looks well rested, since he wasn’t on Survivor Series. Mahal says he will chose when he gets his rematch, and that will be at the clash of champions PPV. The Singhs attack Styles, but Styles fights them off with ease. Styles hits the clash on one and stands tall as Mahal looks constipated. This was an overall good segment, with good promo work from Styles and officially setting the rematch for clash of champions.

– Sami and Kevin meet with Rusev and English. They praise English’s singing and ask for help tonight.

Smackdown Women’s Title Match: Champion Charlotte vs. Natalya: Natalya attacks at the bell, but Charlotte cuts her off and lays in chops. She fights off the sharpshooter, but Natalya slams Charlotte to the buckles as we go screen in screen. Natalya takes it to the floor, slams Charlotte to the buckles and takes the heat. Back in and Natalya hits the snap suplex, covering for 2. Charlotte battles back, hits a neck breaker and then a suplex. Natalya cuts her off, lays in rights and we go back full screen. Charlotte lays in strikes and mounted rights. Natalya counters out and hits s sitout powerbomb, covering for 2. Natalya locks in the sharpshooter, but Charlotte makes the ropes. She hits a back breaker and slams Natalya to the ropes. Charlotte heads up top, but the moonsault eats knees. Charlotte hits the spear, but Natalya rolls to the floor. The NXT ladies arrive and beat down Natalya. Natalya defeated Champion Charlotte @ 6:53 via DQ [**½] This was a perfectly fine match to continue the feud between the two and to set up the well done attack by Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.

– They now attack Charlotte and beat her down to NXT chants. Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan stand tall. I thought for sure we were getting a Carmella cash in there.

– Daniel Bryan is questioned about the new NXT ladies, but has no comment. Interesting. Kevin and Sami arrive. They know they will get ripped limb from limb. They try to remind him how valuable they are. Bryan wishes them good luck.

– The lumber geeks arrive.

– Next week, AJ Styles faces the Singh Brothers. We also get a new Fashion Files.

Lumberjack Match: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. New Day (Kofi & Big E): Woods is playing chief lumberjack. Owens and to begin, they work some back and forth until Big E hits a back elbow and tags in Kofi. Owens tosses Kofi, but no one messes with him. Sami tags in as Kofi returns. They work back and forth, Kofi gets sent to the floor and Sami follows and the lumberjacks jump him. Sami tries to run and the ass kicking continues. They carry him back and toss him into the ring. Post break and New Day has control on Owens, working the corner stomps. They work some double teams, and Kofi covers for 2. Sami distracts Kofi and eats a superkick from Owens. Sami and Owens work quick tags, and take the heat on Kofi, picking up near falls. Owens mocks New Day, but takes so long that Kofi counters the senton with knees. Wholesale changes to Sami and Big E as Big E starts to toss him around the ring. The running splash connects for 2. Kofi tags back in and hits a high cross, covering for 2 as Owens makes the save. Big E in and takes out Owens as all four are down. Kofi sends Sami to the floor and onto a bunch of lumberjacks. The lumberjacks end up fighting and it completely breaks down. Bodies start to spill back to the floor. Wood stakes out Kanellis, Sami rolls up Kofi and picks up the win. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn defeated New Day. While it broke down into the usual lumberjacks try to kill each other cliché, they didn’t overuse the lumberjacks and the match was good overall. Sami & Kevin stealing the win and then Kevin bailing on Sami (because he’s still an asshole) was also well done.

– Owens bails and that leave Sami behind to get his ass beat by the New Day.

– We see Owens escaping and meeting with Bryan. Owens asks if they will be fired, and begs him not to fire them. Bryan says he was never going to fire them, he recognizes their talent. Next week, Owens faces Randy Orton. Owens thanks Bryan.

– End Scene.

credit: 411Mania