WWE Monday Night RAW 11/20/17 Results & Recap

She welcomes us to Monday Night RAW and calls it the A Show, the brand that decimated Smackdown. Shane knew SD didn’t stand a chance. He thought by taking over RAW a few weeks ago, he’d gain an advantage. Shane always learned to strike first. Steph always learned to win, though. She says Angle’s job is secure. She then welcomes the man who saved RAW from defeat:

Triple H comes out during recaps of his big win.

Kurt Angle is next, and he does not seem happy. They go face to face. ANgle says this isn’t the GM talking to you. This is the Olympic Gold Medalist. He tells HHH that if he ever attacks him again like he did last night, he could take this job and shove it, because he is coming for HHH. Fuuuuck. Nice.

Steph says that Angle is speaking to the COO of WWE as the RAW GM and she appreciates all of the intensity, but do not jeopardize his career. Again.

Jason Jordan is here to save his poppa!

Jordan rushes the ring and tells HHH that he’s 100% now, let’s see him Pedigree him now. Jordan wants a match tonight with HHH.

Steph says Angle doesn’t have the authority to make the match.

Jordan wonders if HHH is a coward.

H takes off his coat. Steph tells Jordan HHH will make a mockery of him. H isn’t afraid of anyone in that locker room.

Insert Braun.

Big Bad Braun walks down the ring. He stares at H directly. He enters the ring and goes straight to the face of HHH.

Of course, HHH shows no fear. Crowd loves the facedown though.

HHH backs up and leaves the ring slowly. Braun walks towards the rope to make sure HHH leaves. HHH circles the ring, staring down Braun some more. H leaves towards the ramp. YOU’RE A COWARD chant. Loud and proud as it should be. Steph meets him at the bottom of the ramp. She tells Jordan that since he wants a fight so bad, we’re going to get Braun vs Jordan.

Next, Joe vs Finn. Pretty sure that’s a square.

Match 1: Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe

Joe starts straight up with a right hand. He corners Finn and beats him down with some rights. Knee from Joe to Finn. Joe checks the throat. He hits the ropes and Finn hits a dropkick. Right hand to the head then some kicks. He goes back and forth till the ref stops him, allowing Joe to knock him silly with an elbow. Joe claps the shjoulders then cinches the trap.

Joe has the knee to the back of Finn. He’s stretching the arms back. Finn stands then Joe hits him with a headbutt. Splash in the corner and an over the head kick to Finn. Cover for 1…2…NO! Joe with a right hand from an elevated position. Finn hits the ropes. Joe with a huge right. Finn falls, but hits an over the head kick before he lands. Both men down. Finn up with another kick. Dropkick out of the corner. Running kick to the head. Finn sends Joe to the outside. Dropkick through the ropes. Finn on the apron. He goes for a kick but Joe catches him and swings him forward, smacking Finn on the apron. Joe in the ring. Suicide Dive!!! Joe back in the ring with Finn. STO and a Cover for 1..2…NO!! Joe with a running senton! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Joe up. He gets The Clutch! Balor rolls out! STOMP TO JOE!!! Running dropkick sends Joe into the corner. Joe drops. FInn heads to the top rope. Joe is up.

He drags Finn off the corner with an underhook of the neck and locks in The Clutch in the middle of the ring!!! Finn can’t handle it! He knocks out! Ref calls the match.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Backstage, Jason Jordan meets up with Angle to try and get out of the match with Braun. He admits to lying that he isn’t 100% and only said that because Triple H was out there. What the fuck? What kind of Integrity is that?! Anyways, Jordan says he’s the only guy that can beat Braun, so he’ll do it. He’s got Angle blood. He can handle Strowman. He ain’t scurred.

RIP Jason Jordan

Dana has an in square promo before facing Asuka. It doesn’t matter.

Match 2: Asuka vs Dana Brooke

Dana goe sfor a lockup, misses, and Asuka kicks her. Goes for a whip but Dana breaksa the hold. Dana withj a kick, blocked, another kick ocnnects. She works the arm but Asuka reverses and kicks Dana in the back. Hip to the face. Kick to the back. Another. Abdominal stretch across the ropes. Asuka hits the ropes then does the booty bump, sending Dana off the apron! Dan rushes back in the ring but Asuka blocks it like nothing and kicks Dana around in the face a few times. Boot to the face against the ropes. Dana whips Asuka into the ropes and Asuka ain’t happy. She gets kicked in the knee, then a right hand to Asuka’s face. Dana pats her head down and Asuka is pissed. Dana with a slap to the face. Asuka with hard slaps then a back hand. Another. Spinning kick to the face.

Asuka with a huge kick to the face. Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Asuka


Miz is here for MizTV. He welcomes us then congratulates Baron on his biggest win of his career. His brush with greatness is over, because Miz has more important things to tend to like his guest tonight.

Miz introduces Roman, but no one comes out. He tries again to no avail. Miz demands respect, calls this unprofessional, then says Roman’s name once again. Finally, The Shield’s music hits, and out come all three.

Miz says he made it pretty clear that his guest is Roman Reigns, not The Shield, but these three just can’t get enough of each other. They probably feel really good.

Dean says yes they do feel good. They proved to The New Day and the world that they haven’t missed a step. Seth says they proved that they are the most dominant three man team in the history of the WWE. Seth says they’re pretty much unstoppable.

Miz mockingly introduces them and hypes up their reunion. Miz then calls it cute but there is one thing that is bothering Miz and he wants to settle it. After all this time, he still hasn’t heard a thank you. Reigns wonders to who. Miz says to him, duh. Reigns tells Miz that there will never be a situation where The Shield thanks The Miz. Miz asks if we understand that the only reason that this whole reunion started is because of him.

Miz is the reason these guys are together and the least he deserves is a thank you. He wants a check for the residuals of the Shield merch. Seth jokes that Ambrose doesn’t have his check book on him. Sorry.

Miz is Awesome chant, it sounds like, and Reigns calls this a first.

Miz refuses and the lights go out completely.

Spotlight comes out and Miz tells the three men that they are ungrateful. Shield says they won last night, and if anyone should be ungrateful, it’s the guy that lost last night. Miz, however, is the only one standing in the ring with a championship. It’s held by a champion. Miz is a champion, not Seth, not Dean, and not Reigns.

Seth claims that it’s only a matter of time before Ambrose and he get their hands back on the tag team titles. Reigns then says he doesn’t want to be the only guy in The Shield who doesn’t have a title.

Seth says they’re not trying to leave reigns out…Miz has got a title. Reigns wants the match.

Bo Dallas, with a gloved hand, says that Reigns can’t just come to MizTV and challenge the champ. If Reigns wants Miz, he’s gotta go through Axel and Bo.

Ambrose says they’re so dumb, they totally forgot…they have to go through them first. So, Reigns punches Bo hard and Miz rushes up the ramp. Axel stands with his neck still braced. Seth with a knee. Dirty Deeds to Axel. Bo is alone in the ring. They circle him.

WE BO-LIEVE chant.

The Shield attack. Miz watches fro the ramp. They stomp Bo out. Three-man Powerbomb to Bo.

Match 3: Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose

Lockup to start into a takedown by Sheamus. They work back into a standing and Dean works the arm. Whip to Dean. Sheamus goes for a powerslam but tosses Dean aside instead. Dean sets up Sheamus’ fist on the mat the nsteps on the arm. Knee to Dean from Sheamus. Club to the back. Again. Dean is down. Sheamus drops a knee to the face of Dean. Sheamus goes for the beatdown on the ropes but Dean blocks and hits the move himself! He chops Sheamus in the middle of the ring then eats a boot. Dean bounces off the ropes and Sheamus hits a boot!

Back from the break, and Sheamus is working on the elbow of Dean. Dean turns out and kicks Sheamus away. Clothesline from Sheamus. Sheamus sets up for a suplex and hits it. Cover for 1..2..NO! Sheamus kicks Dean down then grabs the head. Sheamus with another front suplex. Sheamus talkjs shit to the kneed Dean then lifts him up for a third suplex. Dean floats over and slaps Sheamus in the face. Sheamus runs into an elbow. Dean gets the boot up and Dean smacks him again! Dean sends Sheamus into the post shoulder first. Shemaus is up. Turns. Gets kicked. Dean goes for the Deeds. Sheamus reverses out. Dean hits rights and lefts. Knee to Sheamus. Ducks from a clotheslnie and Dean hits one of his own!!! Another. Dean slams Sheamus down by the hair. Dean rushes into a boot. Sheamus rolls up to the top rope. He tries to stand but Dean hits an elbow and Sheamus floats off. Dean hits the ropes. Goes for a dive but Sheamus hits a right hand! Sheamus in for a Brogue Kick. Dean ducks. Clothesline to Sheamus to the outside! Suicide Dive!!! Outside, Seth holds Cesaro back but gets clotheslined because of it. In the ring, Dean bounces off the ropes. Clothesline. Pin for 1..2..NO! Drop Toe Hold into the second rope. Dean goes to the top rope. Cesaro on the apron. Dean kicks. Sheamus takes advantage. He gets Dean on his shoulders. Rolling Senton off the 2nd rope! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Sheamus sets up for the Brogue Kick. Seth rolls into the ring, runs, and hits a suicide dive through the ropes to Cesaro!!!

Sheamus gets distracted. Dirty Deeds! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Backstage, Matt Hardy is existing. Jordan comes in and is there ask Matt for some pointers. Matt says he has faced many goliaths. He has faced the biggest men, then names a few. Braun is known as the monster among men, though. That’s not a nickname. His strength is inhuman. Good luck trying to take Braun off his fet. It’s a humbling experience being in the ring with Braun. He has learned a lot, and there are dozens of ways to use ladders, nothing more important than family, and also that some nights, it’s just not your night.

Alexa Bliss is here! She quotes some tweets and says she doesn’t need them. She knows how well she performed last night. She only had 5 days to prepare and she still took her to the limit. Charlotte got lucky. She is still the goddess of the WWE and there is not a single woman who could take the title from her. And of course, we get Mickie James.

Cole acts as if they didn’t just wrestle like a month ago.

Mickie wonders who else is sick and tired of Alexa’s worn out promo. She calls her biscuit butt again. Mickie is only concerned about RAW and the title, not Survivor Series.

Bayley is here to join the fun. She is wrapped up on the left arm. She is sorry she interrupted but for the first time, she agrees with Alexa. 2017 has been her year, but the year ain’t over yet. Bayley is not the same woman that Alexa beat for the title. With all due respect, Bayley is cutting the line. The title is Bayley’s.

Alexa thinks Bayley is joking about as muh as Mickie is. Sasha’s music hits. She says RAW doesn’t need Bayley or Mickie as champ, they need a legit boss, and not some little B like Alexa.

Alicia Fox still matters, so she comes out to annoy the shit out of me. If RAW needs a boss as champion, she says, then maybe the boss of the RAW Women’s tewam, Captain Fox, should have that opportunity. Because RAW would have never won last night two years in a row, without Alicia Fox’s guidance – which makes no sense.

Alexa calls her Captain Delusional. Alexa says this is a hufe waste of time, and not one of them deserves a title shot.

Alexa leaves.

Kurt is aware of his job. He tells Alexa that SD proved that they are not the B Show, but RAW proved that they are still THEE show, and Alexa will face the winner of a Fatal Four Way which will start….now.

Match 4: Bayley vs Mickie James vs Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks

Come back to RAW and this match is already happening. In the ring, Bayley sends Sasha into the corner with some shoulder thrusts. Kick from Sasha sends Bayley back. Bayley with a side suplex then a cover for 1..2.NO! Mickie is in to stop it. Alicia is in with a dropkick. She kicks Sasha then hits the ropes, goes for her finisher, but Sasha hits the backstabber and locks in the Bank Statement! Bayley breaks the hold! Bayley goes for a kick but Sasha kicks her and sends Bayley to the outside. Alicia rolls out. Mickie with a neckbreaker to Sasha. Cover for 1..2…NO! Sasha and Mickie are both laid out in the middle of the ring.

A scream is heard.


She is out at the top of the ramp to her music. She has a mic. “Did you miss me?!” Yes chant. Paige apologizes for interrupting. She just wants to say something to everyone. She’s back. Crowd chants ONE MORE MATCH. She didn’t come alone….


Paige walks down the ramp.

Two chicks come into the ring and give Mickie James a right hand. It’s Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

Winner: No Contest

Sasha goes after Mandy! Deville gives her a kick. Clothesline from Mandy! Bayley in to attack! Paige is in the ring. She grabs Bayley. Kick to the chest of Bayley. Alicia is on the outside. Mandy double underhooks Mickie James and slams her back down. Deville gives Sasha a hard hit then Paige hits the Rampaige on Bayley.

Backstage, Renee Young welcomes Paige and Paige says that tonight was a whole year’s worth of…

In comes Alexa Bliss. She says Paige doesn’t need to explain anything. She tells the girls bravo and tells Renee to leave. Paige introduces Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose to Asuka. Paige introduces the champ. Alexa says nice to meet you .Neither of the girls are smiling. Alexa repeats herself and they still saynothing. Paige kicks Alexa, and we get a beatdown of Alexa!! She is tossed around then into a sliding door. Stomps all around.

Match 5: Braun Strowman vs Jason Jordan

Jordan with a hard smack. Braun ain’t havin it. Jordan runs out of the ring. Braun stands tall and begs for Jordan to come in. He’s gonna eat him. Jordan gets back in the ring and Braun tosses him, jason rols through, leaves the corner. Jordan lifsts Braun but can’t hold onto it. Braun tosses Jordan across the ring then smashes him in the corner. Jordan rolls out of the ring again.

Braun stares him down. From behind, Kane clips the leg of Braun. Kane has a chair. He attacks.

Winner:No one


Big Boot to Braun, sending him to the outsdie. Kane smacks Braun agian with the chair. Again. One more time. Kane slams Braun’s head into the steps over and over again. Kane does the ol guillotine to the neck with the chair thing. Refs come down to help Strowman. Well, to try.

Here’s the curry Vanessa made

Enzo is here in a robe with his goons. He talks about Thanksgiving and stuff.

Gulak claims that the infrastructure of 205 Live has grown by 23%.

Rich Swann comes down with Cedric, Mustafa, and Akira.

Enzo says it looks like Kalisto’s luggage didn’t make the flight. He tells them that they can join, but they gotta prove themselves.

Cedric says they’re not here to join, they’re here for the same reason as everyone else. They want a title shot. The difference is that they are willing to earn it unlike Enzo’s gang of suck ups.

Swann steps up, tells ENzo to make them get out of his way. But Enzo can’t, because without his boys, Enzo is nothing but a catchphrase and a t-shirt. Swann drops the mic on his ass. Enzo shoves Gulak, and we get a brawl. Cole claims he didn’t see it coming as the eight men go at it and Enzo stands smiling outside.

I missed the eight man tag to eat. I know this is irresponsible, and I apologize. But the curry was damned good.

Mustafa, Akira, Cedric, and Swann win.

Angle is backstage and says that Braun may have left the building. He refused medical attention. He opens the training room and Jordan is there with ice on his knees. Miz walks in and wonders how Angle can put him in a match against Reigns. Did he see what The Shield did to Bo and Axel. He tells Angle to cancel the match. Angle says now is not the time. Miz says Jordan is hurt, he’s not going anywhere. haha. Angle tells Miz to get prepared to defend his title. Angle then tells Jordan that he didn’t let him down. Jordan says Matt Hardy was right – Braun is a monster among men.

Elias is here to do a little jingle. He makes fun of Matt, which causes him to come out. Elias attacks and Hardy gets him in the corner with some right hands. He spins for no reason then gets hit. He goes for a Twist of Fate, but Elias rolls out of the ring. Matt is smiling like a psycho.

Match 6: Intercontinental Championship Match
Roman Reigns vs The Miz

Miz rolls out to piss Roman off. He pretends to get in but doesn’t. Miz waits for Reigns to back up then counts along with the ref. Ah, I get it. Anyways, Reigns heads outside and Miz scurries back in the ring. Reigns hits an uppercut. Miz goes for a neckbreaker, but Reigns breaks it then rolls up – no, instead he powerbombs Miz. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

We’re back to the show, and Miz is favoring the back from trying to make Roman look strong. Miz stands and so does Reigns. Clothesline from Reigns. Another. Whip is reversed and Reigns hits a third. Reigns gets a favorable response from the crowd. Reigns hits a bunch of clotheslines in the corner. Miz stumbles forward, and Reigns hits a big boot to the face! Reigns cocks up his fist. He waits. Miz is up. He rolls out! Reigns leaves the ring. He dives off the steps. Miz kicks! DDT to Reigns! Miz rolls back into the ring. The ref counts. He’s at 4. He hits 6. Reigns gets towards the apron at 8. He hits 9. Reigns slides in just before 10! Miz grabs the head. DDT to Reigns! Cover for 1..2…NO! Miz drops some elbows to the shoulders of Reigns then a few cross faces. Miz locks in a cravat from behind. Reigns fights into the hold and hits a hard right to the face. Miz ducks a right, hits a neckbreaker/backbreaker combo. Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Miz lifts Reigns. Reigns hits a right hand. Miz dodges a clothesline. He hits the corner. Dropkick to Reigns. Another to Reigns. A third is stopped as Reigns gets him on his shoulders. Miz rolls through. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Miz is sent to the outside. Reigns with a right hand. Miz goes for his clothesline in the corner, but Reigns dodgers and Miz hits the post! Reigns is up. Miz’s right hand gets blocked. Whip to Reigns. Miz hits a knee to Reigns. Kick from Miz. Another. He’s goin Daniel Bryan on dat ass. Samoan Drop! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Reigns clenches his fist. Miz dodges and underhooks! Reigns rolls through. Reigns cocks up, goes for a SUperman POunch. Miz hooks the leg!!! Kick to the face! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Miz with the stomps. Clothesline in the corner from Miz! Miz hits the top rope. He’s looking to dive. Axe Hand-NO!!!! Superman Punch!!!! 1….2……NO!!!!

Reigns is looking to finish it. But Sheamus is on the apron! Cesaro is here too! They distract. Skull Crushing Finale! Miz rolls up! 1…2…..NO!!! Ambrose and Seth are here! They take care of Cesaro and Sheamus. They watch on as Miz struggles to stand. He is staring down Seth.

Reigns is standing up. SPEAR TO MIZ! Pin for 1..2…..3!!!!!!

Winner and New Champion: Roman Reigns

End Show


results credit: 411Mania