WWE 205 Live Results & Recap


– Street Fight: Akira Tozawa defeated Drew Gulak
– Tony Nese defeated Mustafa Ali
– Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari

– Earlier today Enzo and his boys get together for a thanksgiving meal. He got Daivari, Dar, and Nese matches tonight. They are expected to represent his brand, so after they make him look good, Christmas may come early in the form of s recommendation for a shot at his title. The Gobbledy Gooker arrives, but it’s just Drew Gulak. He says he thought they wanted him to loosen up.

– Gulak is out in 1980s approved street fight gear. He teases a PowerPoint presentation, but Tozawa interrupts.

Street Fight: Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak: Gulak attacks with chops and strikes, working over Tozawa in the corner. Tozawa quickly counters with kicks and a senton. Jabs follow by Tozawa, and then more kicks. Gulak attacks the previously injured throat, but Tozawa sends him to the floor with a RANA. Gulak cuts off the suicide dive and hits a suplex onto the ramp. Gulak continues to control on the ramp, attacking the throat and laying in strikes. Back in the ring they go, as the crowd chants “no chants.” Gulak uses the no chants sign to continue the heat, and now tosses chairs in the ring. Gulak sets Tozawa on the chair, lays in strikes and covers for 2. Gulak sets the sign up in the corner, tells Tozawa to give up, but Tozawa starts to fire up. Tozawa then hits a Saito suplex onto the sign, breaking it. Tozawa to the floor, gets a table and slides it in the ring. Gulak attacks as he sets it up, and suplexes Tozawa to he buckles and covers for 2. Gulak sets up the table as Tozawa rolls to the floor. Gulak follows and gets tossed across the announce table. Tozawa hits a cannonball off of the announce table. Gulak is rolled back in as Tozawa gets a kendo stick and trashcan. Tozawa puts the can on Gulak and lights it up with the kendo stick and Gulak falls on the table. Tozawa hits the senton onto the trashcanned Gulak on the table and wins. Akira Tozawa defeated Drew Gulak. This was a good and fun match, with Gulak working outside of his usual style and a nice, definitive finish for Tozawa.

– Hideo Itami is coming to 205 Live.

Are. You. READY?! @HideoItami #205Live

– Tony Nese eats a turkey leg and runs down Itami. Ali, Alexander, and Swann arrive and make fun of Enzo and friends. Enzo tells Nese not to disappoint him like Gulak did.

Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese: Nese takes time to pose, and then they lock up. Ali works the arm, and then picks up the pace and poses, mocking Nese. Ali hits a crucifix, covering for 2. Nese quickly cuts him off, laying the boots to Ali. Ali hits a dropkick, sends Nese to the floor and follows with a flip dive off the post. They brawl on the floor, Ali climbs the barricade, but Nese trips him up. Nese then slams Ali face first off of the announce table and back in, covers for 2. Nese misses a charge, Ali starts putting together a comeback, hits the enziguri and rolls into an X-factor, covering for 2. Nese catches Ali with a forearm, but Ali fires back, hitting a tornado DDT for 2. Ali looks to go up top, but Nese moves and Ali drops down and gets posted by Nese. Nese hits the running knee strike and Ali is done. Tony Nese defeated Mustafa Ali. This was a pretty good little match, with a good pace and Nese stealing the win with a nice douchey heel move.

– Enzo will be sitting ringside for the main event. Enzo put Gulak in timeout for losing, which is the Gobbledy Gooker suit.

Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari: Alexander and Daivari start things off with some basic back and forth Daivari grabs the hair and lays in rights. Alexander picks up the pace, hits a head scissors and dropkick. Swann tags in, and takes Daivari down, hitting a splash and covering for 2. Dar and Alexander tag in, with Alexander cutting off Daivari and then Dar attacking and covering for 2. Dar takes Swann to the corner and works quick tags with Daivari. Dar starts working the arm as he isolates Alexander. Dar takes Swann to the floor, and that makes sure Alexander didn’t get a tag. Alexander tries to fight back, but is immediately cut off. Daivari slows things down, working a chinlock. Alexander escapes, tosses Dar and gets the tag to Swann. Swann runs wild, hits a RANA and covers Daivari for 2. Swann up top, Enzo distracts him and then crotches Swann. Daivari hits the frog splash, but Swann kicks out at 2. Enzo yells at Daivari, Dar tags in and Swann rolls hi up for 2.Enozo distracts the ref, Alexander stops him and takes out Daivari. Dar takes out Alexander, but Swann kicks his face off and hits the Phoenix splash for the win. Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari. This was a perfectly solid main event, but it really felt like it was missing something to really make me care about it.

– Post match, Enzo and Daivari attack and they beat down Swann and Alexander. Tozawa and Ali arrive, but Nese & Gulak cut them off and lay them out. They continue to beat down Swann and Alexander, with Enzo and his boys standing tall. They stack Swann on Alexander, and Enzo hits them with a top rope splash.

– End Scene.

credit: 411Mania