Ring of Honor Wrestling Ep. 304 Recap & Review: Consistent and Back in Business

We’re here for another episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling from the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, Massachusetts joined by Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana at commentary.

Advertised for tonight: The Briscoes & Bully Ray vs Bullet Club

Cody is here, and he has a microphone. The crowd is showering Cody with “You Deserve It” chants. He thanks the crowd for this ovation.

He says “The Prince has become the King and we march on everybody. And Daniels is walking around with the classic Boo-boo face”, which leads to a Boo-boo face chant from the crowd. He talks about it being almost like he’s lost his smile.

He talks about not being exclusive to ROH and still not having signed a contract. He tells everyone Sinclair doesn’t own this title, the Rhodes family owns this title.

He talks about some thinking he doesn’t fit with the Honor style, which leads to a chorus of boos in the Lowell Memorial Auditorium.

He wants to prove them wrong, in a TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS rematch! He says he’s steroid free and the World Champion!

We’re back and out now it’s the 272 pounder Punishment Martinez. And now his opponent, Jonathan Gresham.

Punishment Martinez vs Jonathan Gresham


The bell rings and Martinez shoves Gresham into the corner who comes right back in front of him. Martinez shoves him again and this time Gresham answers with one of him own.

Martinez goes for a lariat, Gresham ducks, Wheelbarrow Bulldog, countered, headlock by Gresham, thrown away at the ropes, rolls below another lariat, sleeper hold locked in from behind.

Martinez resists, Gresham transits into a front facelock, another attempt from Martinez, another Sleeper. Martinez tries to slam him in the corner by running at it but Gresham evades.

Backhand Chop from Martinez, Gresham ducks, runs into the corner, Big Boot from Martinez, Gresham rolls to the side, kicks his stuck leg.

Martinez runs at Gresham in the corner, Gresham ducks, Martinez intimidates him to the opposite corner. Gresham gets thrown into the corner twice, ducks a throat thrust, but runs into a shot to the gut.

Corner to corner Irish whip from Martinez reversed into a sitting arm wrench, MARTINEZ PULLS HIM UP into a Double Choke Bomb, reversed into a neck drag.

Gresham runs into the corner, goes over Martinez, Electric Chair position, headlock takedown from Gresham.

Gresham goes for a drop toe hold, no effect, Martinez grabs him by the throat, Gresham fights his grip, Martinez switches hand, Gresham hyper extends his knee to force the break.

Toe kicks to the knee, Martinez shoves him away, running dropkick to knee, Martinez sidesteps, and Gresham rolls away from a stomp.

Toe kick to the knee, Irish whip reversed into a corner, Martinez runs right into Gresham’s boots. Gresham on the second rope, dives on Martinez, caught mid air, slammed down as we go to commercials.

We’re back and Martinez goes for a springboard, Gresham runs at him and takes him down. Gresham with one of his own, goes for a Springboard Backflip DDT, caught, but still reverses into a Tornado DDT.

Martinez rolls to the outside, Gresham with a Suicide Dive, no, he fakes it and instead lands with a Moonsault from the top.

Martinez in the ring, Gresham on the top, High Crossbody. Cover! One! Kickout! Gresham can’t believe it! Runs at Martinez in the corner, MARTINEZ PLANTS HIS HEAD IN THE MAT WITH A BIG BOOT!

Martinez with a running diving elbow in the corner, followed by a lariat and a throat thrust. Martinez with the Falcon Arrow, Cover! One! Two! Th.! Not Yet!

Martinez grabs his throat, going for the South of Heaven, Gresham fights back. A smooth transition from the double choke bomb to a Powerbomb from Martinez reversed into a Frankensteiner and a double knee drop to the already weakened knee of Martinez.

Gresham goes for a leg lock on that knee, but Martinez resists and sends him into the corner. Martinez is having trouble walking now, goes for a springboard Lou Thesz press, reversed, Indian Death lock applied.

Shoulders down, Gresham with the pin, but Martinez realizes and breaks the pin, a rope break forces the end of the submission. Gresham runs right into a lariat from Martinez, flipping inside out.

Martinez goes for the spinning kick, but no! It’s the weakened knee causing trouble, Martinez is down! Shining Wizard from Gresham, followed by a running Wheelbarrow Takedown!


Martinez rolls to the outside, Gresham with a Suicide Dive! OH MY GOD! MARTINEZ DOESN’T EVEN MOVE! LIFTS HIM UP, HIGH LIFTING POWERBOMB ON THE APRON! Gets him in, Knee to the head, PSYCHO DRIVER! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Punishment Martinez def. Jonathan Gresham via Pinfall (Psycho Driver)

Review: Punishment Martinez may be the best thing about ROH right now. He’s good at selling, is big, can work matches. This guy is everything you need in the ring from a giant. Gresham did fantastic work in the match, and continued to impress. The booking was flawless, this is my TV match of the week, they managed to protect both men and delivered a fantastic match, ROH at its best is very good. Seriously, go watch this match, starts at 11:00 on the FITE TV version.

Martinez goes for the South of Heaven on Gresham, but out comes Jay White to make the save. Fights with forearms, numbers game on Martinez, a Sambo Suplex causes Martinez to retreat.

We’re shown a recap of Bully Ray and the Briscoes losing to Dalton Castle and the Boys, and then a post match backstage view of the Briscoes arguing and Bully calming them down. Both blame Jay, but Bully says Mark’s the one who got pinned. He tells them to stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about ‘us’.

Mandy Leon is here with an announcement, Ring of Honor will have a Women of Honor exclusive episode in two weeks. Silas Young interrupts her and says that no one cares about Women’s Wrestling and asks her to make herself useful by holding a board he’s brought with him. He writes 22 on the board, completing the sentence, ” “GOLDEN BOY” JAY LETHAL HAS MISSED 22 DAYS WITH A LOST TIME INJURY”. He goes away and Mandy again plugs the Women of Honor episode.

We’re in the arena again and Tempura Boyz are here. A replay of Ferrara attacking Cheeseburger is shown.

Out now are Cheeseburger and Joey Daddiego.

Tempura Boyz (Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu) vs Cheeseburger and Joey Daddiego

The Tempura Boyz immediately go on to attack Cheeseburger and Joey as the bell rings, both throw Cheeseburger out, double chop on Joey, no effect, a double lariat lays both out.

Running lariats to both Tempura Boyz in the corner, followed by a fallaway slam to Sho. Cheeseburger tries one on Yohei, lifts him up but is unable to throw him, hands him to Joey, Joey with a Pumphandle fallaway slam.

Cover! One! Two! Kickout! Tag made to Cheeseburger, Double Irish Whip reversed, sending Cheeseburger and Joey into one another, Dropkick to Joey, Backstabber by Sho to Cheeseburger.

Double Irish whip, and a double Mexican arm drag on Cheeseburger. Cover! One! Two! Kickout! Yohei sends Cheeseburger into his corner and makes the tag.

Sho with some strikes to Cheeseburger, a kitchen sink, penalty kick to the back, forearm to Joey, sends Cheeseburger into Yohei’s boots.

The Tempura Boyz go for the Doomsday Device, but Cheeseburger counters, Hurricanrana to Sho, and throws Yohei onto Sho.

Cheeseburger crawls to Joey, tag made, in comes Joey, strikes to both Tempura Boyz, sending them down, and makes the tag to Cheeseburger.

Joey uses Cheeseburger as a battering ram to take out Yohei and spears Sho down.

Joey fights Sho on the outside, Yohei in control of Cheeseburger in the ring, Pumphandle, countered, Yohei runs around, ducks a few strikes, SHOTEI! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Cheeseburger and Joey Daddiego def. Tempura Boyz (Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu) via Pinfall (Shotei to Yohei from Cheeseburger)

Review: Too short to say anything. Filler match.

Two ladies from the crowd jump over, hug Cheeseburger, lift him up, and security comes out and escorts them away. Cheeseburger can’t stop grinning, till one of the crew members hits him from behind, who turns out to be Will Ferrara., Drags him and throws him into the barricade. Joey Daddiego chases him away who high tails it through the crowd as we go to commercials.

We’re back and Jay White vs Marty Scrull is announced for next week.

It’s time for the main event, it’s the Young Bucks and Adam Page.

Out now are their opponents, Bully Ray, and the Briscoes.

Bullet Club (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Adam Page) vs The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe & Bully Ray)

Jay Briscoe and Adam Page start the match. Both circle around, Page shoves Jay who answers with a forearm, and both go at it, trading forearms, toe kick from Page and a Snap Hurricanrana from Jay.

Lariat from Jay, takes him to his corner, tag made to Mark, now Mark with some strikes, Irish whip countered into a forearm. Tag made to Matt Jackson.

Matt flies from the top, Mark catches him, Catch Suplex sends Matt down. Tag made to Jay, both double team on Matt as Jay hits a diving cross chop.

European Uppercut from Jay, punch from Mark from the apron, another tag to Mark, double Suplex, no Nick comes from behind and catches Matt, assisted springboard high Crossbody to the Briscoes!

Double arm drag / double dropkick to Mark as we go to break.

We’re back and in comes Bully Ray. The referee Todd Sinclair only wants one Buck in the ring, and Nick leaves, leaving Matt with Bully. Matt goes right to Bully’s face and starts talking trash.

A right shot doesn’t have any effect on the big man, Matt calls for Bully to hit him, Bully goes for a big right, but Matt Too Sweets him in the eye. Runs the ropes, stops as Bully looks hurt, waits for him to turn around and Too Sweets him again.

Runs again but Bully catches him with the back body drop, and A REALLY REALLY LOUD FOREHAND CHOP! MATT’S FACE LOOKS LIKE HE HAS SEEN SOME UNSPEAKABLE THINGS! Nick from behind, hiptoss from Bully.

Another chop to Matt, jabs to both, and double Too Sweet to the eyes rather than a double elbow. Bully runs right into Double Superkicks from the Young Bucks.

The Briscoes come in and each eats a toe kick, an assisted pop up dropkick takes the Briscoes down and to the outside. Page comes in and they go for the Terminator, but their opponents grab their feet as they approach the ropes.

Bully and Mark hold them in position as Jay takes them out with a Suicide dive. Mark on the top, Moonsault to the outside! BULLY RAY GOES FOR THE TERMINATOR DIVE! Messes up the claps, Adam Page from behind, goes for the Slingshot Lariat, countered , Bully Bomb! SUPERKICKS!

Nick with a Suicide Dive, Matt with a rope flip senton! Punches to Bully in the corner from Nick, now stomps, tag to Matt, double axe handle. Arm wrench, twists the arm again, and again! Tag made to Page.

Page with strikes to Bully, and something was censored with a beep, probably Page said something to Todd. Tag made to Matt, sends him into a neutral corner, Irish whip to the opposite, and the Bullet Club with their special corner kicks.

Double Suplex to Bully from Matt and Page as we go to commercial.

Adam and Matt are holding Bully for ‘What’s Up?’ and Nick’s on the top, Bully counters, throws the two away, Nick from the top, dives, BULLY CUTTER!

Bully Ray desperate, tag made to Mark, goes all over Matt with chops, a very hard chop to Page, takes both down with strikes. A running lariat to Page, Fisherman’s Buster to Nick, Cover! One! Two! THREE NO NOT THREE!

Page from behind, Mark ducks, trapping Page between the two Briscoes, Mark with chops, Jay with Jabs, Mark throws Page into a Big Boot from Jay. Neckbreaker to Matt, Powerbomb / Neckbreaker combo to Nick.

All three Bullet Club Members in the corner, Bully runs at them with a corner splash but Todd Sinclair gets caught too. Poor Todd. 3D to Page! COVER! Not a very smart move. HERE’S ANOTHER REFEREE PAUL TURNER! ON! TWO! THE BUCKS PULL HIM OUT!

Bully and Mark on the outside, SUPERKICKS! THEY SIDESTEP! THE REFEREE DOESN’T! Paul can sell. Mark sends Nick into the barricade, Bully has Matt, Jay Briscoe has Page in the Powerbomb / Piledriver position in the ring, IT’S THE VILLIAN! MARTY WITH HIS UMBRELLA! SHOT TO THE BACK! COVER FROM PAGE! TODD’S UP! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Bullet Club (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Adam Page) def. The Briscoes (Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe) & Bully Ray via Pinfall (Umbrella shot to Jay Briscoe from Marty)

Review: Your regular Young Bucks match. Was fun, very fun.

The Briscoes are frustrated and are throwing security around as Bully looks at them.

Review: ROH are finally being consistent, and the product has improved. Give them a shot, not a mess now like it used to be. ROH is now consistent and Back in Business.

Show Rating: B+