Ring of Honor Wrestling Ep. 303 Recap & Review: Motor City!

We’re here for another episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling, with Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on commentary, featuring the fallout from Best in the World, from the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Coast to Coast is here, they’re making their way to the ring, and with them, is Flip Gordon.

Out next, the New Ring of Honor 6 Man Tag Team Champions, The Boys and Dalton Castle.

A recap of their victory at Best in the World is shown.

The Boys & Dalton Castle vs. Coast to Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali) & Flip Gordon

Pre match handshake, Castle and Gordon start the match, Arm wrench from Castle, countered, Gordon has Castle in the corner, releases him and handsprings back to the center.

Castle shoves Gordon into a neutral corner, Gordon sends him back to the center, Spinning Roundhouse, Castle ducks, shows off his belly.

Flip responds with a Flip, Dalton in the middle, does some squats, ready for a flip, instead connects with a hard right. All six in the ring now, Castle throws Gordon to the outside, Leon & Ali get rid of the Boys.

Castle throws Leon into Ali, lariats Ali to the outside. Boy #2 in the ring, Castle throws him on their opponents on the outside. Boy #1 comes in too and Castle does it again.

Castle runs the ropes, and taunts. Gordon comes in, stalling back body drop, Flip lands on his feet, sends Castle into the corner with a series of strikes and runs right into a boot from Castle.

Castle makes the tag, Gordon catches Castle on the second rope, Springboard Side Kick! Big boot to the legal Boy, both of them on the outside now.
Gordon goes for a running outside dive but Boy #2 catches him with a Frankensteiner. Leon in the ring, sends both Boys to the outside, Coast to Coast with their signature outside dive!
Dalton comes up from behind, goes for a German Suplex on Leon, he resists, both tumble to the outside. Gordon back in the ring, RUNNING 450 SPLASH FROM THE TOP TO THE OUTSIDE! Gordon and Coast to Coast in control, as we head to commercials.

We’re back in the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Coast to Coast and Gordon are still in control. Ali has a Boy in his corner and is hitting him with fierce strikes. Tag made, in comes Leon, Swinging Gutbuster, Drive By Kick.

Cover, two. Leon takes him to his corner, tag made, Gordon’s in. One handed Snapmare / Penalty Kick / Standing Moonsault combo! Cover! One! Two! The other boy makes the save!

Gordon takes him to his corner, Tag made, Ali comes in, Knee strike, arm wrench, tag made to Leon.

Double reverse armdrag takes him down! Cover! Two count! Ali and Leon with a Reverse Russian Leg Sweep / Complete shot combo, and Gordon with a Rotating Frog Splash!

Gordon and Coast to Coast are taunting the crowd, the other Boy switches places behind their backs. Leon covers him, Two count! Boy #2 with a rollup, One! Two! Kickout!

A sequence with no offense ends with a back elbow by Boy #2. Tags made on both side, in come Castle and Gordon, Castle takes all three out, Lariat to Gordon.

Arm trapping Waistlock on Gordon, Leon comes in to make the save, but Castle is quick enough to catch him into a T-Bone Suplex! Ali from behind, Catch Suplex sends him down too.

Gordon with a Springboard Corkscrew, Castle catches him mid air, German Suplex! Cover! One! Two! No! Castle picks him up, countered, Forearm, Spin Kick, Castle ducks, but is unable to repeat that.

Tag made, Leon comes in, Castle sends him into the Boys who target his arms. Ali from behind, throws Boy #1 into Boy #2, sending Boy #2 to the outside. SPINNING SWINGING BEDROCK SLAM TO BOY #1!

Dalton from behind, Cactus clothesline sends both down. Gordon on the apron, running Senton! Leon in the ring, SPRINGBOARD CORKSCREW TO THE OUTSIDE!

Leon takes Castle to the inside with him, Transition from Tiger lift to Arm Wrench, Castle with a forearm, Saito Suplex! Castle runs into Leon’s boot in the corner.

Leon runs at Castle, but Castle catches him, BANG-A-RANG! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!

The Boys & Dalton Castle def. Coast to Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali) & Flip Gordon via Pinfall (Bang-A-Rang to Leon from Castle)

Review: Not bad, not great, good, yes, good.

A replay of Jay Lethal being assaulted by Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser is shown, featuring a Frog Splash from the top rope to the outside to Lethal on a table by Bruiser.

Jay Lethal is in the hospital and Silas Young is in a building opposite to it. He says it’s gonna be a long time till we see Lethal again. We head to commercials.

We’re back on air, Matt Taven is headed to the ring. Out now, is CMLL legend Ultimo Guerrero, the crowd is dead for his entrance.

Ultimo Guerrero vs. Matt Taven w / The Kingdom

Waist lock from Taven, Arm wrench by Guerrero, Taven takes him down, Leg lock by Guerrero, Matt with the scissors. Both back up now.

Waist lock takedown by Guerrero followed by a front facelock, reverse armbar by Taven, waistlock on the mat by Guerrero, Taven gets up, school boy rollup, two count!
Front facelock again from Guerrero, the Kingdom try to distract, Guerrero goes to the apron to handle this, Taven tries a cheapshot but Guerrero evades.
Back in now, Toe kick from Taven, side headlock, Guerrero converts that into a front facelock, Taven maneuvers to the ropes and hits Guerrero with a knee thrust. Guerrero with a backhand chop, Taven with one of his own.

Irish whip, Taven drops down, Guerrero ducks a lariat and flips Taven inside out with one of his own. Cover! One! Two! No!

Irish whip from Guerrero, reversed, Shoulder block by the CMLL star. Another lariat from Guerrero flips Taven inside out. Cover! One! Two! Again a two count!

Irish whip into a corner by Guerrero, reversed by Matt, Guerrero sends Matt over him to the apron, sweeps his legs, runs the ropes, but TK o’ Ryan makes the save.

Guerrero takes out Vinny Marseglia but Taven from behind with a Springboard kick. Taven tells the camera he’s Matt Taven.

Mounted Punches in the ring on Guerrero, Taven throws him out and distracts the referee. o’ Ryan hits him with his crutch but it DOESN’T AFFECT GUERRERO! Taven with a dropkick through the ropes but Guerrero sidesteps,

Guerrero sends Matt into the barricade, a hard forearm sends him into the crowd. Guerrero from the other side, dives over the barricade onto Taven as we go to break.

We’re back and now Taven has control of Guerrero, Lionsault from Taven, Guerrero rolls away, Corner to corner Irish whip from Guerrero, followed by a Corner lariat and a high angle hip attack!

Guerrero goes for another, Taven catches him, Spinebuster, Sharpshooter locked in! Guerrero tries to grab the bottom rope, Taven pulls his hand back but is unable to stop him.

Taven with an Irish whip into the corner, Guerrero gets up to the second rope, Taven follows, Superplex, no, A SUPER GOURDBUSTER FROM GUERRERO! COVER! ONE! TWO! THR! NO! Somehow, Taven kicked out.

Guerrero with an Irish whip into the corner, Reversed, running Forearm, has him up on the second rope, leaps up for a kick, Super Hurricanrana attempted, blocked, Super Powerbomb! Cover! One! Two! Not yet!
Guerrero sets up the Guerrero Special, countered, Frog Splash from Taven! Cover! A two count! Guerrero with a Spine Buster, Stretch Muffler locked in, cross armbar also locked in, Taven maneuvers into a pin, but a kickout at two.

A series of reversals, Taven grabs the referee and takes Guerrero down with a low blow. Taven with the Climax! Cover! One! Two! And Three!

Matt Taven def. Ultimo Guerrero via Pinfall (Climax)

Review: Was good but could’ve been better.

Adam Page and The Young Bucks hype their match for next week, against The Briscoes and Bully Ray and we go to commercials.

We’re back and it’s time for our main event, out come the Motor City Machine Guns.

A recap of Search and Destroy defeating The Rebellion is shown.

Out come their opponents, WAR MACHINE!

WAR MACHINE (Raymond Rowe & Hanson) vs, The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

The Motor City Machine guns decide that Sabin will start the match via Rock-Paper-Scissors, Sabin drew Scissors. Hanson and Sabin lock up, Sabin with an Arm wrench, back elbow from Hanson and then an arm wrench of his own.

Series of strikes to Sabin, Sabin tries to roll out but lacks the power to take Hanson down, Hanson throws him into the ropes, Sabin slides under him, goes for a Sunset Flip but Hanson picks him up, goes for a Suplex, Sabin lands on his feet.

Sabin attempts a roll up, Hanson grabs the ropes and then ducks an Enzuigiri and misses an elbow drop. Both men shake hands and tag in their partners.

Shelley and Rowe now, collar and elbow tie up, Rowe uses his strength to push Shelley into a neutral corner. Shelley blocks a punch and connects with some forearms.

Rowe sends him into the ropes, a running sequence by Rowe, side kick from Shelley, Jumping Forearm from Rowe!

Sabin from behind, Toe kick, Irish whip, reversed, Sabin goes overhead, gets dropkicked into Shelley, and then thrown into a Seated Senton from Hanson.

Snapmare from Rowe and a Splash from Hanson to Shelley and we go to commercials.

We’re back on air, tag made to Rowe, Shelley trapped in the corner, a hard right by Rowe. Shelley fights back, Rowe stops him with a knee thrust. Hanson takes out Sabin, Rowe Scoop Slams Hanson onto Shelley! Cover! One! Two! Two it is!

Irish whip from Rowe near Sabin who makes the tag and both double team on Rowe with strikes, and then take Hanson out with a Drop toe hold / Bulldog combo. Double penalty kick to Rowe from the Guns on the apron to Rowe, send Hanson to the outside, the Machine guns each dive on one half of their opponent team.

Shelley sends Rowe in, looking for Sliced Bread #2, Rowe fights back but Sabin takes him out with a dropkick. Cover! One! Two! No! Shelley sends Rowe into Sabin’s boots, tag made to Sabin.

Corner foot choke, tag made again, another double team striking combo and another two count. Sabin has Rowe in the Corner, tag made, double axe handle from the top.

Tag made again, looking for Poetry in motion, ROWE SLAMS SABIN ONTO SHELLEY! Tag to Hanson, he takes both out and both are positioned in opposite corners.

Running lariats to both repeatedly as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Rowe throws Hanson into the Machine Guns. WAR MACHINE with the Wheelbarrow Suplex / Springboard Lariat combo! Cover! One! Two! No!

Tag made to Rowe, Double chokeslam countered, Sabin fights back, Rowe catches him running, Hanson on the top, countered by Sabin, sends Rowe into Hanson on the top.

Shelley attempts a German Suplex on Rowe, reversed, Sabin grabs Shelley to reverse Rowe’s German Suplex. Enzuigiri to Rowe from Sabin. The Machine Guns, Hanson, double Suplex, Reversed by Hanson!

Enzuigiri from Sabin to Hanson, Knee strike from Rowe, Shelley with a complete shot in the corner to Rowe, Hanson with a Scoop slam, countered, Sliced Bread from the Machine Guns!

Rowe with the headbutts to forearms, Shelley and Sabin with the Motor City sequence! Shelley on top, Neckbreaker from Shelley, countered, catches him, Shelley from the top, catches him too, DOUBLE BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!

COVER ON SHELLEY! ONE! TWO! SHELLEY WITH A DOUBLE STOMP FROM THE TOP! The Guns with a series of kicks, Plancha to the outside by Shelley onto Hanson, Sabin with a Suicide Dive, quickly gets in, on the top, MADE IN DETROIT!


The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) def. WAR MACHINE (Raymond Rowe & Hanson) via Pinfall (Made in Detroit to Rowe)

Review: Good stuff! The Motor City Machine Guns still have that 2009 MCMG feel.

Show Rating: B

Advertised for Next Week : Bullet Club (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Adam Page) vs Bully Ray & The Briscoes (Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe)