Ring of Honor Wrestling Ep. 299 recap & review: TV Championship!

We’re back in the 2300 Arena for another episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling. We’re joined by Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on the announce table.

The Young Bucks and Adam Page make their way to the ring. The commentary team plugs the main event, KUSHIDA vs. Marty Scurll for the ROH World TV Championship.

Roppongi Vice are on their way to the ring. It’s time for the revelation of the mystery tag partner. Colt Cabana says it’s a debut. Rocky Romero has the mic.

Rocky says he didn’t like it when Trent announced they had a partner without consulting the “leader of the team”. Trent tells him to just be happy and let him introduce the partner his “real” tag partner, his best friend, Rocky isn’t amused, it’s the Kentucky Gentleman, Chuckie T, Chuck Taylor.

Bullet Club (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and Adam Page) vs. Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero and Beretta) and Chuck Taylor

Bullet Club attacks first and a brawl breaks out. Tiger Hattori immediately signals for the bell. Trent, Rocky and the Bucks are down to the outside, leaving Chuck and Page in the ring. Page Irish whips Chuck from one corner to the opposite but runs right into a knee strike from Chuck.

Chuck goes for a moonsault from the second rope, Page rolls away, Chuck lands on his feet and connects with a flipping heel kick, sending Page to the Young Bucks on the outside. Chuck runs the ropes and dives onto Bullet Club with a topé con giro as the crowd chants Chuckie T. Trent playfully shoves Rocky and starts a Best Friends chant.

Chuck is back on the apron, Page advances towards him inside the ring and gets laid out with a Hot Shot for his troubles. Trent hits Page with a springboard leg drop and Chuck hits him with a handstand topé atomico. The two Best Friends hug it out as the Best Friends chant rises again.

Rocky’s not happy, he pulls Chuck’s legs from the outside and gets in as Chuck backs into a corner. Trent stops the two. The Young Bucks attack from behind, Rocky fights back, double Irish whip from the Bucks, they go for a double lariat, Rocky ducks and makes them pay with a double Frankensteiner.

Trent and Chuck are still watching from the corner. Bullet Club members stick to different corners and Rocky goes for running corner lariats on all three. Page ducks in the second round but Rocky improvises with another. Young Bucks follow suite and eat a double lariat. Rocky tries to double lariat Chuck and Trent twice but they duck.

Chuck grabs Rocky’s tights and Trent calls for a double back suplex, Rocky lands on his feet, again goes for a double lariat, they again duck but the Young Bucks fail to do so. The Young Bucks roll to the outside, leaving Roppongi Vice and Chuck in the ring. Rocky and Chuck shove each other, Trent tries to stop them but then shoves Rocky himself. Bullet Club assaults from behind.

Trent and Rocky roll out and the Bucks hit a pop up Hurricanrana on Chuck. A double arm drag to Chuck followed by a Double Dropkick. Trent is back on the apron, headscissors / dropkick combo from the Bucks. Page holds him up till he’s laid out by a running Flipping Senton bomb from the apron as we go to commercial.

We’re back and it’s hot tag time. Chuck pulls Rocky down to make sure he doesn’t get the tag. Bucks make the tag and so does Trent. Lariats to both Bucks from Chuck. Page comes up from behind him, Toe kick, Irish whip into corner and right into a boot to the face goes Page.

Chuck dives onto him with a front dropkick from the second rope. Double toe kick from the Bucks, Irish whip into corner, Chuck leaps over a shoulder tackle and stacks the Bucks one over the other via a belly to back suplex. Cover, kickout at 2. Tag made to Trent. Double Irish whip, double lariat attempt answered with a duck, Trent thrown into Chuck, Ace Crusher position on Trent from Matt, reversed as Trent maneuvers him to stun Nick with a boot to the face, sends Matt to Chuck in a powerslam position, enzuigiri to Nick, assisted Ace Crusher to Matt from the two.

Page comes up from behind with a slingshot flipping double lariat, sending both men down. Chuck placed in superplex position, Rocky makes the save as a Hangman chant echoes around the arena answered by Hangman Sucks.

Feint kick to Page from Rocky, toe kick from Nick, Irish whip, Rocky hangs between the ropes, Nick dives but Rocky evades, sending Nick to the floor with Page. Rocky goes for an outside dive, Nick pulls the top rope down, Page grabs Rocky, moonsault from Nick, Rocky sidesteps, leaving Page as the only victim. Rocky connects with the topé suicida.

Matt goes for a super Frankensteiner on Chuck, Trent comes up from behind with a running German suplex from top followed by a flipping senton bomb by Chuck. Dropkick from Trent followed by a piledriver. Cover and a two count. A Young Bucks / Best Friends chant over the arena, Trent and Rocky go for the Strong Zero but Page pulls Rocky down and Chuck fills in.

Cover, but Nick breaks it up with a flipping senton bomb from the top. Tag made to Chuck, Chuck and Nick trade strikes, spinning heel kick from Nick, Irish whip, reversed into an arm snapper, but Chuck runs right into a spinning back elbow. Superkick to Rocky, Penalty Kick to Chuck from the apron, Trent goes for a piledriver, countered into a superkick.

A running knee strike and German suplex to Trent right on the apron. Shoulder thrust to Rocky and a slingshot X-Factor. A running shooting star press from the apron to the outside from Page. Springboard apron DDT to Chuck. This is awesome chants from the crowd. Bucks with More Bang For Your Buck! Cover! ONE! TWO! Rocky breaks the pin despite Page trying to stop him.

Superkick from Page to Chuck and now from the Bucks. Bullet Club prepares for a triple superkick. Trent decides to take the bullet for his best friend. Page grabs him from behind, double stereo superkick from the Bucks, Trent ducks and once again Page is the victim. Bucks go for it again and this time hit Trent and then Chuck too. Rocky comes back in to take one for Chuck, his face is smashed with the stereo superkicks and so is Chuck again.

The Bucks go for the Meltzer Driver and call for 5 stars, Ian suggests having “Uncle Dave on Speed Dial”. Roppongi Vice pull down the Flying Buck and Chuck counters into a Blue Thunder Driver! Cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Roppongi Vice and Chuck Taylor def. Bullet Club via pinfall.

Review: Good but can be skipped. A slow start but a good ending. The Young Bucks are facing WAR MACHINE next and this made them look like complete idiots. Adam Page proved last week that he can hang in the main event scene and is World Championship material. He beat Adam Cole clean last week but was portrayed as a fool here on the very first match of the show.

The Kingdom cuts a backstage promo on the Boys about how they want to beat them up and smash a spine when they face off next week.

Promo with Jay White describing his journey and calling out Punishment Martinez for attacking him at War of the Worlds.

We’re back in the arena as the Rebellion come in through the curtain. And then their opponents, Jay White and Jonathan Gresham w/ Alex Shelley.

The Rebellion (Rhett Titus & Shane Taylor) w/ Caprice Coleman vs Jay White & Jonathan Gresham

The Rebellion attack the duo before they even reach the ring area. Jay fights back but Gresham is still under control.

Alex Shelley has joined the announce table. The Rebellion send the two into the ring but the idea backfires with stereo topé suicidas. The brawl continues on the outside. The two still have control over the Rebellion. Some unorthodox offense from White and Gresham. An assist from Coleman and the Rebellion take control. Gresham is thrown into the ring, Shane gets in, the referee calls for the bell.

A running splash and a cover from Shane, broken by Jay. Titus attacks Jay from behind, throws him to the outside. Big forearm to Gresham from Shane, Gresham backs into the corner. More strikes from Shane, Gresham tries to fight back but Shane is too big. More offense from Shane. A strong Irish whip into the corner to Gresham who rebounds back into a chokeslam. Cover, but Gresham bridges out at two. Tag made to Titus, running knee strike as Shane holds Gresham in position.

Gut wrench side slam by Titus followed by a running splash. Cover and another two count. Jay White is knocked down from the apron by Titus. Titus slams Gresham into the Rebellion’s corner. Tag made to Shane, headbutt with Titus holding him in place. Corner foot choke from Shane. Shane runs right into a seated Gresham in the corner as we go to commercial.

We’re back on air and Gresham is trying to build some momentum again the numbers game but fails to complete this task as Titus connects with a dropkick. Cover, and kickout at two. Titus throws Gresham back into the corner and hits him with a series of toe kicks. Tag made to Shane, Gresham tries to escape but Shane grabs him and both Shane and Titus throw him back into the corner.

Shane charges at Gresham but gets hit with a rope assisted dropkick to knee and a Bronco Buster from Titus as Gresham sidesteps. Gresham makes it to Jay and makes the hot tag. In comes Jay, running Forearm to Titus, backhand chop to Shane in the corner. 3 punch combo to Titus sends him to the corner opposite to Shane.

Running European uppercut to both. Titus runs right behind Jay but Jay sidesteps, sending Titus right into Shane in the corner. Gresham also appears with a running corner lariat. Irish whip reversal from Titus countered into a Stunner by Grisham, followed by a Money Shot / heel kick combo by the two. Jay deadlifts Titus and plants him with a German suplex.

Gresham runs right into a big boot from Shane in the corner. Jay tries to pick up Shane for a scoop slam but he’s too heavy. Gresham comes out ahead, ducks a lariat, and hits Shane with an enzuigiri. Jay goes for it again and finally scoop slams Shane. The two hit a sleeper drop onto Shane. Cover, but it’s not enough. Jay goes to the top but Coleman pushes him down.

Gresham takes out Coleman but Titus emerges from behind with a club to the back. Titus goes for a running move but Gresham pulls the rope down, sending Titus to the outside. Kenny King comes running from the back to provide support and delivers a spinebuster to Gresham. Out comes Alex Shelley but Kenny hits him with a hard punch.

Kenny is dominating Alex but then Chris Sabin comes out from the back too. He ends up eating a punch too, but eventually the numbers game proves too much for Kenny. A Manhattan Drop from Alex, a dropkick from Sabin, and their flipping necklock / dropkick combo. Jay White from the top with a flipping senton to the outside. The referee calls for the bell.

The match goes to a no contest.

Review: Skipping this one doesn’t hurt. Not very entertaining.

Shelley has the mic and says nobody wants to see the Rebellion. Shelley challenges the Rebellion to a match at Best in the World, with the losing group having to disband.

Kazarian is backstage and cuts a promo on Adam Page. Kazarian says he likes being whipped with belts and he can’t wait to whip him.

A recap of the dispute between Dalton Castle and the Briscoes from last week is shown.

Jay Briscoe is backstage for a promo, he’s very angry at Dalton Castle and the Boys, too many beeps to understand what he’s saying but the general tone is he’s very angry. Jay wants to eat the Boys alive.

It’s time for the main event, Kevin Kelly is back on the commentary table as KUSHIDA emerges from the back, KUSHIDA chants all over the arena. The lights are out and it’s time for the Villain, Marty Scurll to arrive. Marty chants echo through the 2300 Arena.

KUSHIDA vs Marty Scurll (c) (ROH World Television Championship)

KUSHIDA goes for a pre-match handshake, but Marty refuses. Todd Sinclair calls for the bell. Grappling sequence from the two, Wristlock from Marty, reversed into an arm wrench from KUSHIDA. Marty struggles to counter, eventually does and a headlock takedown to KUSHIDA, KUSHIDA with headscissors, Marty escapes and both are back up. A “This is Wrestling chant” builds up In the arena but dies soon.

Collar and elbow tie up, headlock from KUSHIDA, Marty sends him into the ropes, a shoulder tackle by KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA comes at him running, Marty lies down to evade gets back up, leapfrog, but KUSHIDA has locked his arms with the ropes. Some taunting from Marty, KUSHIDA’s had enough, Marty goes for a shot, KUSHIDA ducks, a high angle takedown, front facelock from KUSHIDA, answering the counter attempts with cartwheels.

Mat game by KUSHIDA and now KUSHIDA is mocking Marty. A few leapfrogs and ducks by KUSHIDA and an arm drag / dropkick combo by KUSHIDA as we go to commercials. We’re back on air, KUSHIDA boots Marty in the face and flips to the apron, overhead kick from KUSHIDA, a springboard chop from KUSHIDA.

Another running strike, Irish whip, sitout arm drag, KUSHIDA with the armbar but Marty counters into a pin, kickout by KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA rolls towards Marty and hits him with a high angle DDT, holds on, goes for Back to the Future, Marty manages to escape, arm breaker from Marty, backhand chop, rolling kick from KUSHIDA sends Marty to the outside.

KUSHIDA on the top rope, flipping senton, Marty sidesteps and the ring crew takes the damage. Marty throws KUSHIDA back in, KUSHIDA with a drive by dropkick. KUSHIDA to the top, moonsault, Marty gets the knees up, grabs KUSHIDA from behind, but KUSHIDA counters with a roll up, a two count there. Both men on their knees, trading strikes, back up now, still trading, KUSHIDA comes out on top.

KUSHIDA runs into a Marty who goes for a superkick, KUSHIDA covers his head, Marty acts swiftly and instead kicks him in the knees. Marty runs right into a discus forearm and then a Pele kick. KUSHIDA handsprings from the ropes, dives right into a crossface chickenwing from The Villain. KUSHIDA is about to tap but then reverses into a hammerlock, Marty goes for the ropes but KUSHIDA rolls towards the center, Marty reverses, another short sequence.

Marty has KUSHIDA’s finger and snaps it. A full hard fist to KUSHIDA’s face, a lariat by Marty, both men are down. Marty’s ready for the crossface chickenwing, but the lights go out, there’s darkness all over the Arena, the lights are back and there’s ANOTHER VILLAIN standing on the apron. It’s ADAM COLE!

He goes for an “ADAM COLE BAYBAY! KUSHIDA from behind, DDT, and BACK TO THE FUTURE! The cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!.

KUSHIDA def. Marty Scurll via pinfall to win the ROH World Television Championship.

KUSHIDA celebrates as we go off air.

Review: Could’ve been better.

Show Rating : C+