Ring of Honor Wrestling Ep. 298 recap & review: Final bullet, baybay!

Ring of Honor is back with their weekly dose of professional wrestling from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia for another episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling. Remember, you can always catch the latest ROH TV at FITE TV.

We’re welcomed to the show by Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on the announce table as the show begins with Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara already in the ring as the crowd chants Cheeseburger. Out come their opponents, WAR MACHINE.

A pre-match handshake takes place during the tale of the tape and as we get back to the ring, WAR MACHINE are refusing to let go but eventually do.

Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara vs. WAR MACHINE (Hanson & Ray Rowe)

Cheeseburger and Raymond Rowe start the match as a WAR MACHINE chant kicks off which fades into a Cheeseburger chant as he dances around Rowe. Cheeseburger hits Rowe with a forearm to no effect and immediately tags in Ferrara who goes in and does the same, making Cheeseburger the legal man. Both try to attack but are answered with headbutts till both are exhausted and lays them out with a double belly-to-back suplex.

Rowe makes the tag and in comes Hanson. Ferrara tries to attack, Hanson evades with a cartwheel and connects with a diving Lariat. Tag made to Rowe who throws Ferrera into Hansen for a scoop slam. Rowe tries to scoop slam Hanson onto Will, who immediately rolls away while Cheeseburger hits them with a missile dropkick, resulting in a splash from by Hanson onto Rowe.

Hanson immediately runs towards Cheeseburger who sidesteps, sending Hanson into the corner. Both Cheeseburger and Ferrara hit him running strikes. Will lays down on all fours to provide a higher surface for Cheeseburger who tries to bulldog Hanson but ends up getting thrown away. Hanson charges into Ferrara but ends up into a boot to the face.

Ferrara on the second rope with a hurricanrana sending Hanson into Rowe, causing a spear. Ferrara picks up Cheeseburger into an atomic drop position and sends him into Hanson. Both try to Irish whip Hanson and Rowe into each other from opposite corners but end up getting laid out, Ferrara specifically with a seated senton from Hanson and Cheeseburger with a knee strike from Rowe.

The referee checks on Cheeseburger for signs of a knockout. Hanson throws Will into a Rowe who grabs him in a German suplex position and the two connect with a springboard lariat / German suplex combo. Cheeseburger gets slammed with a back body drop / powerbomb combo. Cover, ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! Rowe can’t believe it!

Both Rowe and Hanson try to throw him over the top rope but he blocks and lands on his feet for a second wind. Some running offense from Cheeseburger finally ends with a pop-up powerslam from the two. Hanson goes flying to the outside with a suicide dive onto Ferrara. Rowe for the Pin, ONE! TWO! THREE!

WAR MACHINE def. Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara

Rating: A good match, watch it if you want beef.

Rowe has a microphone and tells everyone that a year and a half ago, in the same building, they became the Ring of Honor World Tag Team champions and they want them again. He tells the Young Bucks to “Go home, kiss your kids, say your prayers, do your YouTube channel. YOU’RE NEXT!”

We’re back to the announce table as Ian takes up back to a recap from last week when Cody challenged Christopher Daniels to a rematch for the ROH World Championship. Daniels is on the screen and he says he will end the American Nightmare and accepts the challenge.

Loud Naito chants as Los Ingobernables de Japon emerges from the Curtain. Naito is playing soccer with the IWGP Intercontinental Championship and the crowd is pleased. He proceeds to throw it into the ring. Kevin Kelly has joined the commentary team.

Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)¸ Bully Ray & Dalton Castle w/ the Boys vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI, EVIL, SANADA, & Tetsuya Naito)

Tiger Hattori is the referee. Mark Briscoe and Naito start the match. Mark starts with a headlock, and a sequence with Mark trying to own Naito who spits onto Mark, and then pulls down the rope to send the running Briscoe to the outside. Naito acts like he’s going for an outside dive but pulls off his signature taunt and the crowd is fired up. LIJ chants all around. Naito calls out Bully Ray. Mark tags him in as the crowd chants ECW.

Bully Ray mocks Naito’s taunts. Naito runs the ropes and tags BUSHI in, totally trolling Ray. A couple of Dropkicks, no damage done, another sequence ending with chops from Ray to the entire LIJ sans Naito, and then Ray calls out Naito in the exact same fashion. Naito lifts his foot to enter the ring but pulls another swerve dropping down from the apron, telling everyone to take it easy.

The crowd’s loving it, and Naito slides under the ropes and again swerves everyone. Back in the ring Bully Ray grabs BUSHI and tags in Dalton Castle, a strike to BUSHI, who reverses an Irish Whip, and is blinded by Dalton’s movements and Ray lands another chop. A waistlock takedown by Dalton and the whole LIJ comes in to attack their opponents. SANADA ties up Dalton in a weird position and gets the tag from BUSHI.

EVIL has a chain and is using it on the outside. Dropkick to Dalton, and tag made to EVIL. Series of strikes from Dalton to EVIL go in vain, eye rake from EVIL, EVIL catches the leg, throws it at Tiger Hattori who catches it too and EVIL hits castle with a sidekick.Tag made to Naito as we go to commercial.

We’re back on air, Dalton’s desperate to make a tag but EVIL tags in Naito before him, back elbow to Naito and tag made to Mark Briscoe, who’s on fire, evades Naito and EVIL, a dropkick to SANADA and BUSHI, boots to Naito, reverses a full nelson from EVIL, a Pélé kick connects, and a combo of strikes to Naito, sending him into the opponents’ corner.

Tag to Jay, an Irish whip sending Naito into the other corner, baseball slide to the outside from Mark, and a corner to corner strike from Jay to Naito. Blockbuster from Jay to SANADA on the outside, Naito rolls out to receive a suicide dive from Jay, Bully in the ring scoop slamming everyone, and a double “What’s up?” from the four to EVIL and SANADA, an elbow drop variation for SANADA.

It’s time for tables, Bully and Jay leave the ring, Jay and Dalton are hyped, The BOYS out of nowhere push away Dalton and Jay takes the blinding mist from BUSHI. An old school rollup pin from Naito. ONE! TWO! THREE!

Los Ingobernables de Japon def. Briscoes¸ Bully Ray and Dalton Castle

Rating: Too much fun for TV, was very good.

Bully Ray and the Briscoes blame Dalton post match who runs away after trying to talk them down. Naito is watching sitting on a steel chair in the middle of the ring.

Adam Page cuts a promo on Adam Cole and promising to kick him out of ROH just like Marty Scurll kicked him out of the Bullet Club.

Jay Lethal promotes his tag match scheduled two weeks later.

Kevin Kelly plugs in Roppongi Vice vs. The Young Bucks.

Roppongi Vice is backstage. Rocky Romero talks about challenging the Young Bucks and Adam Page to a handicap match, Beretta says he has a friend as a partner for them. They open the door behind them and it’s the Young Bucks with stereo superkicks followed by Adam Page. They do the regular Elite stuff and Page stomps both.

The announce team announces the match will be held next week.

Adam “Hangman” Page vs. Adam Cole

It’s time for the main event. “Thank you, Adam!” chants before the bell.

Collar and elbow tie up, Cole tied up into the corner, a forearm strike from Page, a big punch from Cole, and both start trading strikes. Page comes out on top with a kick to the knee, Irish whip sends Cole running, an evasion causes Page to land on the apron, a forearm smash from Page, Pele kick from Cole sends Page to the outside and is immediately followed by a suicide dive as we go to commercial.

We’re back on air, Cole on the top rope, forearm strikes from Page sends him down and Page lands a suicide dive. Page mocks Cole with an “ADAM PAGE BAYBAY!” Cole is still down. Page sends him into the ring, cover, and kick out at one. Suplex position, reversed by Cole, waist lock reversed to waist lock, Cole misses a heel kick, Page dead lifts him and smacks him with a fallaway slam. Goes for a pin, two count.

Cole is thrown into a corner, and then another, Cole removes his wrist tape and calls Page a non-PG word, Page doesn’t like it and attacks him with a forearm strike, Cole spits on his face and the two trade strikes again, Page eventually shoves him off but Cole strikes him with a bicycle knee strike. Fireman’s carry from Cole, and he lands the Ushigoroshi.

Cover, another two count. Cole goes for a penalty kick, Page ducks, Cole connects a sidekick to the gut of Page. Locks in the figure four leg lock, Page resists, but eats a boot, the long arms of Page help him to achieve a rope break. Page is on the apron, Cole tries a suplex, blocked, Cole with a shoulder block, Page side steps and hits him with his knee, flipping slingshot lariat into the ring right into a superkick from Adam Cole followed by a German suplex and a Shining Wizard. Cover, ONE! TWO! Another two count.

Both men on the apron now, Cole struggling to keep control of Page, a back elbow from Page, Cole sent to the floor, a running shooting star press from Page onto a standing Adam Cole. Quickly sends him in, connects with the flipping slingshot lariat, pin for another two count as we go back to commercial.

We’re back and sunset flip from Cole for another two count, a pump kick from Cole, runs right into a discus forearm from Page and Page runs right into a superkick from Cole. Cole ducks a forearm and Page immediately plants him with a piledriver. Another pin and yet another two count.

Page tries a back body drop but Cole grabs the ropes, pump kick and superkick combo from Cole goes for another but stops and connects a sidekick to the shin and then a superkick to a crouched Page. Cole runs the ropes and connects with a Shining Wizard. Picks him up, suplex position, Page reverses into the Last Shot! ONE! TWO! Another kick out!

Both men on the apron, Page picks up Cole for the Rite of Passage, Cole blocks and connects with a loud superkick, sending Page down. Cole connects with a jumping Canadian Destroyer from the apron, the referee Todd Sinclair comes out to check on both, the count begins, Cole throws Page in and gets in himself too.

Cole goes to the second rope, attempts another jumping Canadian Destroyer, but Page reverses it into a Rite of Passage. Another cover and again another kick out. Page runs the ropes exactly four times and connects with a wicked lariat. Hits Cole with another Rite of Passage. Cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Adam “Hangman” Page def. Adam Cole via Pinfall

Rating: I’d say AWESOME! But I don’t want The Miz to rant on me

Three referees including Todd are out to check on Adam Cole. Page lays out Todd Sinclair, takes off his belt and whips Cole with it. Out comes Kazarian from behind to assault Page who high tails it to the back. Kazarian chases after him as we go off air.

Rating: A