Buff Bagwell Says Car Accident Lead To Him Relapsing During The Pandemic

Marcus “Buff” Bagwell appeared as a guest on the latest episode of “The Undisputed Podcast with Bobby Fish.” Some of the topics he discussed were his journery to the WCW career and being asked by Kevin Nash to become a part of the nWo. Eventually, the topic of his substance abuse was brought up.

It all started with the car accident in 2020 which left him with a very serious knee injury. Bagwell spoke about how hospitals were handicapped due to the pandemic leaving everything else on low priority.

“My knees still hurt from that car wreck I had two years ago. That’s kind of what led me into my relapse was that car wreck,” Bagwell said. “I got in a car wreck in August of 2020, which is right after the COVID. I thought I’d take this time to get better and then come out of COVID and be ready to roll.

Well, it didn’t quite go so great because COVID was a horrible time to be doing anything, especially in the medical world. It was just horrible. I was in the hospital for seven weeks and I had 21 knee surgeries in that seven weeks. So every third day, they had a surgery on my knee, and out of all that, it came to where it still wasn’t doing good. I got staff and it just kept getting worse and worse. So the actual surgery they did to rebuild my knee didn’t go so good

“So, enter Mark Bagwell and enter self medicating myself because I was just so depressed, and all the stuff that comes with it. You don’t think it does, but it just does with isolation and depression. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t fix it, and that just doesn’t work for Mark Bagwell.

I fix it, and I couldn’t fix it. So medicating was fixing it to me. I did so, and I knew how to do that pretty good. So I started doing it on a professional level of medication. Dallas Page stepped in and said, ‘Look, bro, you gotta kick out here. Your knees are never gonna get better until we get better. ‘They kind of did like, you know, an intervention type thing with me. I think they thought I was going to fight him on it, but I was like, ‘I’m ready’. I mean, I was tired and ready to go.”

Buff Bagwell

We are very happy to see that Bagwell is doing better for himself, especially after all the things he went through. We wish Bagwell the best. 

H/T to Ringside News

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