Lars Sullivan is a standout on the NXT brand and is next in line for a call up to the main roster. With more popularity comes more scrutiny. There have been stories in the past about WWE talent getting released because of their statements online. Jessica Havok was someone who never got another chance with WWE because of racist remarks on Twitter prior to her WWE tryout.

Recently Ringsidenews has reported that Lars’ past internet presence has come to light. From a forum on in 2007, Lars got into an argument with another member about copying and pasting wrestling news on the forum.

After the user sweet_chin posted highlights from an interview that MVP had done about previously being in prison before making it to the WWE. Lars was the first one to respond, under the name Disenfranchised.

“Stop F*cking Posting News Off Other Websites!!!!” Disenfranchised had said. Leading to another member Storn telling him to “stfu”. That’s when sweet_chin responded with “thank you! what is it with vince hiring all these ex criminals, mvp ron killings etc”.

Disenfranchised commented back with “now you’re getting racist. Wow. Just wow.” To which sweet_chin replied with “im not being racist you idiotic neanderthal im black myself- those were the 2 names that came to my head first who have been in prison”.

Photos of Disenfranchised are still on the site and you can see that it is in fact Lars Sullivan. Photos sweet_chin are not available so we can not confirm nor deny that they are in fact the race that they said they were.

Disenfranchised replied saying

“Oh you’re black? No wonder all you can do is copy and paste.

Disenfranchised and sweet_chin argued about how they don’t know each other and that they equally want to be left alone. Storn came back into the discussion saying “Just drop it Dis, you’re just another troll again.” Referring to Disenfranchised as ‘Dis’. Disenfranchised sent a comment to Storn saying “Drop it Storn, you’re annoying.”

After that the thread continues on about how people on the forum like the news updates by sweet_chin and Disenfranchised responds to every comment until he was banned from the forum for the “”Oh you’re black? No wonder all you can do is copy and paste.” post but he was able to troll a bit more before the ban went into effect.

This could be an issue for Lars since we have witnessed WWE’s attitude toward this behavior on the internet.

To form your own opinion you can see the entire thread here.

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