UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier will headline UFC 226 on July 7th when he faces UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic for the UFC Heavyweight Title. Cormier was interviewed Tuesday for UFC’s media launch and was asked about a potential career in WWE.

Cormier has often said that he has been a lifelong fan of professional wrestling and avid WWE fan, was asked about a potential career as a WWE Broadcaster. Cormier responded by saying:

“I would do something like that. But having to wrestle a match, that’s crazy at this point to learn to have to wrestle. That could be crazy, man. But I would like to get to commentate some matches. I think that would be fun for me.”

Cormier went on to discuss when he first became a pro wrestling fan, which he said he couldn’t actually pinpoint how old he was when he first became a fan but that it was a long time ago. About his earliest memories of pro wrestling, Cormier said:

“Let’s just say this, I’ve been watching since the pay-per-view was on Channel 9 and it was like squiggly lines and every now and again you could like make out a figure. Remember when you could just listen to a pay-per-view, but not watch it? You’d hear all the play-by-play. I used to do that, because my mom was never buying me a pay-per-view. So I would listen to the ‘Macho Man’ wrestle, because I loved the ‘Macho Man.’ I’ve been watching this shit since I was a kid, man.”

Cormier added that his first introduction to wrestling was his exposure to the Mid-South Territory. Cormier grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana and and recalled going to shows as a kid:

“Kamala was there, the Junkyard Dog, ‘The Big Cat’ Ernie Ladd used to come through there. We used to sit in the little auditorium on folding chairs and watch wrestling. I thought Kamala was the scariest person I’d ever seen in my life. He had a handler. I can’t remember the guy’s name — the guy was dressed like a zookeeper or some shit like that. Kamala would walk out, his ass all out. ‘Damn, Kamala, fix your shit, son. Fix your shit.’ I was like, I kind of like this. And I kept watching it and watching it.”


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(H/T Cage Side Seats for the transcriptions.)