Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso provided an update to his report last night that Rey Mysterio was backstage at the SmackDown LIVE tapings on Tuesday. He reaffirmed his claim that WWE still plans to book Mysterio vs. Cena for WrestleMania in a new article he wrote for SI.

Below are some of the claims that Barrasso made in his article:

– Rey Mysterio was backstage at last night’s SmackDown LIVE tapings (It was confirmed he wasn’t.)

– John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio was brought to the table once it was ruled out that The Undertaker will not be competing at WrestleMania 34 (First we have heard of this.)

– Rey Mysterio’s new contract with WWE is expected to be worked out by the end of this week.

– John Cena apparently requested to work with Samoa Joe (who is injured) or Rey Mysterio

As we reported earlier, Barrasso’s track record has not been great as of late, so take these reports with a grain of salt until other sources can confirm his claims.

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