The Blast has revealed that former WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam suffered a concussion outside of WWE that has left him with an injury which disqualifies him from performing with the company. Van Dam claims that due to the injury he has taken a major hit financially and that his income has substantially been reduced.

Documents filed by Van Dam during his ongoing divorce with his now estranged wife Sonya in regards to the financial settlement and support between the two, argue that he should pay less than what Sonya is asking in the settlement, because he no longer lives the glamorous lifestyle of a WWE/Wrestling Superstar.

RVD states that a concussion he suffered on November 12, 2016 caused “visual impairment” and has “disqualified me from working for the WWE.”

Van Dam is referring to a match that he had with Pentagon Jr. for PCW (Pacific Coast Wrestling). You can see highlights from the match in the video below:

Van Dam also included in the documents filed, a copy of WWE’s Concussion Management Program protocol, as well as a medical evaluation from earlier in the year confirming the concussion and subsequent injuries stemming from it.

Unfortunately Van Dam claims to have “aged out” of the business due to injuries, and says that along with the concussion prohibiting him from working for WWE, that his merchandising contract with WWE also ended in July 2017, and that it will not be renewed. RVD also claims that his ex-wife is perfectly capable of earning her own income going forward, and has asked that the judge consider his financial situation when setting support.


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